Production Planning (PP)

Automate processes and realize benefits across the organization

Winshuttle technologies enable sales department staff to use custom Excel templates to easily create and manage SAP Product Planning (PP) sales order numbers, amounts, costs, and descriptions. These templates require no programming expertise to create, and help ensure that SAP PP data is accurate and error-free.

User-driven change without programming

With the automation of common SAP PP module tasks such as creating bills of material, routing, plan orders, production orders, and confirmation orders, companies can ensure the timeliness and accuracy of critical data that is used by other SAP modules like Materials Management and Sales and Distribution. Winshuttle enables users to avoid tedious and repetitive data entry and helps companies save money on resources and training.

Case study

Under Armour

Under Armour Improves SAP Master Data Loading with Winshuttle

"Prior to using Winshuttle, we would need 550 to 600 person-hours to transfer the data from our product development system into SAP. Now we have it down to 112 hours, meaning that the entire process takes just two days instead of 10."

Steve Walker, Manager of Supply Chain Systems, Under Armour

White paper

10 Places to Reduce Data Management Costs

Given the extreme volatility of the US and global financial markets, and concerns about the overall business outlook, every prudent corporation has moved into cost-cutting and cash-conservation mode. This white paper highlights 10 easy places SAP customers can reduce IT operational costs, with a focus on trimming support and data entry costs by automating data entry. It is intended both for leaders of SAP® competency centers and for business process owners looking for ways to do more with less.