Create Production Order – CO01

Automate SAP production order creation

Winshuttle Transaction enables business users to create and upload scripts and data templates to create SAP Production Orders. Users can source data from non-SAP sources, such as Excel and Access, which enables them to support online and offline data entry and helps companies avoid expensive investments in custom ABAP interfaces.

Customize templates and processes for business needs

The users who create the templates can also customize them for specific order types. The templates enable users to create consistent orders and they can distribute the templates to production planners to standardize order creation across the company. For companies that have more rigorous governance and control policies for production planning processes, Winshuttle Central provides standard review and approval workflows that integrate with existing processes.

Updating SAP production orders using Transaction Excel add-in and Central

Updating SAP production orders using Transaction Excel add-in and Central

Case study

Cutter & Buck

Cutter & Buck Gears Up with Automated Data Entry

"There is more than one way to accomplish automating data entry into SAP. What made most sense for Cutter & Buck was to utilize Transaction™ because it allows us the ease of creating new data entry tasks with little or no IT resources."

Rick Davis, Manager of Enterprise Systems, Cutter & Buck

Benefits of using Winshuttle technologies to create SAP Production Orders

  • Consistent and simplified templates to create CO01 production orders
  • Accelerated mass creation of production orders
  • Quicker turnaround when modifying upload scripts and templates

White paper

Complying with SAP Security Using Transaction

This white paper describes how the Winshuttle technology architecture enforces stringent, native SAP security requirements around enterprise data access. The paper is written for technical decision makers (TDMs) in an enterprise to assist in evaluating Winshuttle Transaction compatibility with security policies in the SAP environment.