Materials Requirements Planning by Plant

Create reports to improve production decisions

Winshuttle Query provides a non-technical and easy way for users to extract materials information from SAP into variety of formats, such as Excel, Access, text, and SQL. Production managers can use this timely data to minimize inventory levels and the associated carrying costs, track material requirements, determine the most economical lot sizes for orders, and better plan for future capacity needs.

With Query, business users can easily extract live materials and plant data (without programming expertise), including:

Materials by plant, purchasing group, and profit center
Safety stock, reorder point, and maximum stock level

SAP Material Requirements Planning Report creation using Winshuttle Query

SAP Material Requirements Planning Report creation using Winshuttle Query

Benefits of using Query to manage materials requirements

  • Optimize inventory levels by avoiding over and under stocking
  • Improved customer service and vendor relations
  • Reduced inventory expenses

Case study

Cutter & Buck

Cutter & Buck Gears Up with Automated Data Entry

"There is more than one way to accomplish automating data entry into SAP. What made most sense for Cutter & Buck was to utilize Transaction™ because it allows us the ease of creating new data entry tasks with little or no IT resources."

Rick Davis, Manager of Enterprise Systems, Cutter & Buck


Using Query can I get information specific to a plant and valuation type?
Yes. The Query designer can set criteria to retrieve only that information related to a plant and a particular valuation type.
Few of the Query inputs are decided only at run time. Will Query allow me to set parameters like dates, maintenance status, and storage location during run time?
Yes. The Query runner user can input the values during run time. According to business needs, the input values can also be restricted from a pre-defined LOV.

White paper

Addressing Security Performance Usability with Query

An easy and secure way to extract live SAP® ERP data, allowing business users to do ad hoc data analytics and answer specific business questions rapidly would have a significant impact on the enterprise. This white paper describes Winshuttle Query and how it addresses performance, security, and usability concerns while giving users a way to extract live SAP data for ad hoc analysis.