Document Info Record Lookup

Find SAP DMS data faster

Winshuttle Query helps users locate documents stored in the SAP Document Management System (DMS) more quickly. Whether someone needs to find a CAD drawing, product specification, or financial data for a specific business unit, Query helps to simplify the process by enabling users to more easily:

  • Look up stored documents by description
  • Look up stored documents by attributes
  • Search by owner/office/group
  • Search by document type
  • Look up document revision and history

SAP Display Document Initial Lookup

SAP Display Document Initial Lookup

Update SAP DMS data more efficiently

Non-technical business users can use Query to extract information directly into an Excel spreadsheet and they can then use Winshuttle Transaction to make any changes to the data in Excel and upload the updated information directly into SAP. These capabilities help companies to improve auditing and control practices, and to enhance document change tracking.

Case study


Winshuttle Powers Mass Uploads of HR Data at Centrica

"With Winshuttle, our HR provider can complete bulk uploads much faster, so we are charged far less. That brings our costs down significantly, allowing us to reinvest those savings into other areas of the business."

Julie Hunt, HR Business Solutions Analyst, Centrica


How can I ensure security so unauthorized users do not access sensitive information?
Query allows users to extract only that information that they are authorized to access according to SAP and organization-level policies. In addition, the designer of a Query script can restrict the information a Winshuttle Runner user can extract with that script.

White paper

Addressing Security Performance Usability with Query

An easy and secure way to extract live SAP® ERP data, allowing business users to do ad hoc data analytics and answer specific business questions rapidly would have a significant impact on the enterprise. This white paper describes Winshuttle Query and how it addresses performance, security, and usability concerns while giving users a way to extract live SAP data for ad hoc analysis.