Authenticate your Winshuttle products via the internet

Winshuttle Connect™ is a self service license management service that gives users anywhere, anytime access, centralized reporting, live Winshuttle updates, and links to other Winshuttle resources. Secure and private, Connect has earned the TRUSTe seal and certification as well as the SAFE Harbor certification.

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Connect intro

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What are the benefits?

Self Service License Management

Connect homepage

Connect homepage

  • Powerful usage dashboards: Productivity, Quality and Administration
  • Designate one or more license administrators to manage licenses within your organization
  • Reduce downtime between license moves

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Adding a user

Adding a user

  • Universal Access: No longer tied to one machine; work with Winshuttle software from any Internet-enabled machine
  • Simplified Process: No need to activate, de-activate and move license files when switching computers
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher ROI
  • Improved customer experience

Centralized Reporting

Processed scripts report

Processed scripts report

  • Easily track licenses and application usage logs
  • Identify business process optimization and automation opportunities
  • Allow non-Winshuttle users access to reports

Winshuttle News and Updates

Resource links

Resource links

  • Download new software releases
  • Track maintenance
  • Stay current with Winshuttle news feeds
  • Provide feedback and improvement suggestions

Links to Other Winshuttle Resources

  • Support site – Home to all of the collected knowledge about Winshuttle products and solutions


Winshuttle Connect

Winshuttle Connect

How much does Winshuttle Connect cost?
Connect is free of charge to all Winshuttle customers
Does Connect need to be configured for a Citrix or TS environment?
No, Connect works with these environment out of the box
Are users allowed to login from multiple machines?
Yes, however they are limited to two sessions
What if our company uses a proxy server?
Proxy settings are available within the client under the Options
What happens if someone loses their internet connection?
They can continue to work in offline mode for a period of 6 hrs.
What will happen to the old licensing?
FlexNet and Node lock licensing will be gradually phased out as we migrate accounts to Connect.
End-of-life is expected by 2013
Discontinued support
How do I find out what my current licensing type is?
Click the Information Icon on the Help tab
Review your License Status

Help Tab

License Status

Do I need to have a Winshuttle license to use Connect?
No, you can administer users and licensing without being a licensed Winshuttle user. Managers can also run reports on Connect.
How is communication between the client and Connect secured?
All communication is encrypted and secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Do I need any special ports open to use connect?
Standard Ports 80 and 443 are needed for communication
How can we ensure our data is private and secure on Connect?
Winshuttle is a TRUSTe certified organization and we take privacy very seriously.
Winshuttle also self certifies compliance with the EU Safe Harbor program.
What methods are used to separate information and systems from other companies?
Multi-tenant hosting
What happens in the event of data corruption?
Data is backed up daily and weekly and last good backup will be used to restore.
Is sensitive and private data stored on Connect?
No, aside from Winshuttle usage logs we do not store any customer data. Our products are still desktop applications and only authentication and license management is done online.
Can I move licenses between users using Connect?
Yes, Connect allows you to manage users and licenses including product license re-assignment.
Are Winshuttle data centers housing Connect SOC1 certified (SAS 70 type II)?
Yes, currently Winshuttle uses Rackspace as a hosting provider and an SOC 1 report can be provided upon request from Rackspace. Customers will be required to sign an NDA.
What is the protocol used with Connect between the desktop and the Winshuttle server?
What is the TCP port used?
What is the data encryption?
RSA 2048 bits
What is the authentication mode on the Winshuttle server on the Cloud?
Forms authentication

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