January 6, 2017

Finance Resolution #4: Improve Workflow Inefficiency

The fourth New Year’s resolution you should consider for Finance first addresses the fact that you don’t need to fear Microsoft Excel. Finance teams can actually leverage Microsoft Excel with SharePoint, Winshuttle and SAP to streamline finance operations in transformational ways for the finance function. There are plenty of surveys and studies that back up the idea that operational workflow around the period close and period end activities are often the weak link that slows things down. One of the reasons that workflow slows things down is the fact that when someone has to apply their name or signature to something, this… Read more

January 4, 2017

Finance resolution #1: Spend More Time on Strategic Analysis

As part of my five part blog series ‘New Year’s Resolutions for SAP Finance Teams in 2017,’ I mentioned the Winshuttle platform could be leveraged to support finance teams. The first resolution I’d like you and your team to consider is spending less time collecting and correcting financial data and more time on performing higher value strategic analysis work. This resolution doesn’t need to be limited to New Year’s – it can be an improvement initiative for your finance operations that you can work towards all year round. As you know time is scarce for finance. There is so much… Read more

November 23, 2016

7 Secrets to Achieve High Data Quality

Running a high performing SAP/ERP system requires high quality and complete data. In this post, learn about the 7 secret attributes of high data quality.

August 14, 2014

Less IT is better IT for Salesforce and Excel users

Let’s say you are an account executive using Salesforce while you are travelling for work. What are your options if you need to update your sales activity?  It would be easier to download your accounts into MS Excel to document your activity, comments and next steps.  However, how are your going to update your contacts and activities when you return to the office ? Are you honestly going to re-type all of your data, copy and paste task by task, contact by contact?  You could submit a request to your IT department to create a program to upload your activity from your spreadsheet… Read more

July 1, 2014

Teach Your Children About The Power of the Electronic Spreadsheets

Much has been made of the inherent risk in using spreadsheets for critical statistical functions within business. A lot of the research has been undertaken independently by academics as well as by the European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group (EuSpRIG) in conjunction with the End-Users Shaping Effective Software (EUSES) consortium. Unsurprisingly the main known risks of spreadsheets cover a broad range of challenges, including human error through deliberate manipulation and general management. Nearly 90% of all spreadsheets contain accidental calculation errors, according to IT Management professor Ray Panko. With close to a billion Microsoft Office users across the globe, it is… Read more

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