Supported Platforms and Partnerships

Winshuttle integrates seamlessly with the business platforms you already know, enabling you to work with real data from a familiar interface. This is less disruptive than hopping from screen to screen, and allows users to get up and running faster and be more productive.

SAP Certified

Certified SAP integration

Winshuttle’s integration with the SAP GUI makes us unique. All security settings and profiles are upheld, allowing you to get your work done without harming your SAP system. We are certified for integration with SAP ERP on HANA and S/4 HANA.

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Winshuttle for Salesforce

Utilizing the flexibility of Excel and power of Winshuttle, business users can build reliable and consistent integration scenarios without any required technical skills or programming.

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Microsoft Excel

Seamless integration between Excel and SAP

Our data movement tools integrate with Excel and SAP so you can upload/download data to SAP right from the Excel ribbon for maximum speed and comfort.

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Microsoft SharePoint

SAP and SharePoint integration

Manage rote to complex SAP business processes through SharePoint based forms and workflow capability.

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Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Winshuttle provides tight integration between Office 365 and SAP ERP, empowering business users to create and deploy connectivity with apps like Excel and SharePoint without programming.

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How Winshuttle works for business.