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User Governance

Winshuttle User Governance is the platform for enterprise deployments of Winshuttle. It’s a server-based application which further improves the way business users work with Winshuttle and it provides IT with a complete governance platform for controlling the use of Winshuttle products. Winshuttle User Governance seeks to strike a balance between allowing the flexibility needed by the business without compromising the governance requirements of IT.

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User Governance Technical Brief

Learn how you can easily manage user licenses, scripts, and user access, get out-of-the-box approval workflows, and use centralized logging, template and script repositories.

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User Group webinar: Make the most out of Winshuttle support

These free educational webinars are aimed at Winshuttle users. In this webinar we cover proactive learning resources including our new knowledgebase – allowing you to access helpful information 24/7, and the best ways to get in contact with Winshuttle when you need further help or if you need technical support.

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Learn how Winshuttle Transaction can be used to create a sales order in the SAP Business Suite from data in Microsoft Excel using the SAP transaction VA01.

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Vendor and Customer Master Conversions

Watch how you can easily migrate mass volumes of master data or transactional data directly from Microsoft Excel into S/4HANA. Use real time validation to ensure you get your data posted right the first time.

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Virtual WUG: Making SAP Work Better with Winshuttle v11 and Beyond

Have you been tasked with the responsibility of making SAP work for your organization? You’re not alone – data stewards are quickly becoming one of the most critical roles in today’s data-driven economy.

If you missed the annual Winshuttle User Group Conference (WUG) in Las Vegas, this is your chance to hear Vikram Chalana and Kristian Kalsing discuss how Winshuttle v11’s advanced capabilities will transform your SAP experience.

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What to Expect in Studio v11

Learn how to get your work done quicker and revolutionize your SAP processes with Studio v11. Deliver a faster speed of innovation with rapid Excel upload and download speed to SAP, and have all core functionality exposed in one place right at your fingertips, all within the familiar look and feel of the Excel interface. 


Where SAP MDG and Winshuttle Foundation Fit into an SAP Data Management and Automation Portfolio

Learn how to make the most of your limited SAP IT budget and resources by choosing the right solution for the task at hand.

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Where SAP MDG and Winshuttle Foundation Fit into your SAP Data Management and Automation Portfolio

Learn how both solutions can fit into a comprehensive SAP data management and automation portfolio to improve the quality of your SAP master data.

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Winning with ERP-Integrated Workflow Solutions

This report discusses the requirements for successful implementation of the business developer model and the advantages of creating comprehensive, ERP-based workflow solutions using Winshuttle tools.

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Winshuttle and Blue Prism

The integration of Winshuttle Studio and Blue Prism, through the Winshuttle VBO (Visual Business Object) template, empowers users to automate the rapid movement of data in and out of SAP ERP systems using Microsoft Excel. This integration adds two critical skills to Blue Prism Intelligent automation: Collaboration and Problem Solving. Companies can now significantly reduce manual data input processes, collaborating seamlessly between people, process and technology, saving money and time while improving overall SAP data quality.

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Winshuttle Customer Highlights

Hear what our customers are saying.

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Winshuttle Enterprise Journal Entry Solution Brief

Learn how to get control of processes and improve your ability to manage massive amounts of financial data while simultaneously improving governance, data quality, and employee productivity.

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Winshuttle for Accounts Payable

The accounts payable process or function is immensely important since it involves nearly all of a company’s payments outside of payroll. The amount of data that must be collected, reviewed, approved and processed through the system can be daunting. What if there was a better way to streamline and automate these processes?

  • Streamline and automate your Vendor Master creation and change process
  • Automate the workflow to review and approve content, getting the data correct the first time
  • Increase your invoice processing productivity

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Winshuttle for Accounts Receivable

Maintaining accurate and on time data in accounts receivable processes is incredibly important to the business, but the amount of data from Customer Master creation, through Collection, Dispute and Dunning Management to eventually booking of incoming payments of customers, is daunting.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Winshuttle enables analysts and finance professionals to optimize accounts payable operations using familiar tools and existing skills, resulting in:

  • The ability to easily create, update and maintain financial master data
  • Speed up invoice processing & receiving payments
  • Easily find and collect overdue (and credit) balances

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Winshuttle for Enterprise Architects

Winshuttle’s platform provides capabilities to collect, validate and move data into and out of SAP in a rapid manner without compromising security or governance. This white paper describes the Winshuttle platform for the Enterprise Architecture team – the capabilities, use cases, and how it fits into the enterprise architecture.

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Winshuttle for Finance – Automating AS02 with Winshuttle Transaction

Large volumes of data, stringent reporting requirements, and demand for change in response to business events make maintaining correct asset accounting in SAP difficult and time intensive. Watch this video of a Winshuttle automation of AS02 as part of a solution for asset verification.

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Winshuttle for Finance – Automating Financial Processes with Workflow

Managing high transaction volumes is a key requirement for finance teams. Watch this video of a Winshuttle solution that combines SAP data entry from Excel with managed workflow to help organizations speed up data processing while ensuring proper governance.

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Winshuttle for Finance – KP06 Budgeting Lookup with Forms

Budgeting and planning in SAP is a data intensive process which has to be done in a timely manner to be useful. Watch this video of a Winshuttle automation of transaction code KP06 to see how Winshuttle can bring speed and structure to all stages of the budgeting process.

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Winshuttle for Fixed Assets

Asset accounting involves large number of complex, time-based operations that must be coordinated among multiple individuals and systems to ensure accurate financial, tax, and physical records. SAP provides excellent tools for managing this complexity, but the large volumes of data, stringent reporting requirements, and demand for change in response to business events make maintaining correct asset accounting in SAP difficult and time intensive.

In this webinar, learn how Winshuttle gives analysts and finance professionals the power to optimize asset accounting operations using familiar tools and existing skills, without writing code or making extensive changes to the SAP environment, resulting in:

  • Accelerated asset creation and change.
  • Elimination of ghost and zombie assets.
  • Standardized asset life cycle management processes