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Laura has over 20 years of digital experience across distribution, retail, travel, banking, telecom, and aerospace industries. She has worked with leading organizations such as Animal Supply Company, Signet Jewelers, Greyhound, Verizon, and NASA. Her primary skillsets are product management and user experience. She is responsible for leading cross-functional internal and external teams to deliver innovative product experiences.

Sean has over 20 years experience consulting with companies to redefine processes, manage change and understand how technology can be used to build capabilities. He has worked in Asia, Europe and the United States with brands like America Airlines, Lego, GameStop, Qantas, Panera Bread, Nokia, Singapore Government and Animal Supply Company. Additionally he has successfully founded multiple start-up companies in the payments and digital assets management markets as well as run a number of consulting organizations. His primary skill set is bringing together multiple parties around a project to align strategic goals, business outcomes, internal & external resources to deliver business value while remaining agile enough to adapt to market changes and evolving priorities.

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