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Regan Van Tassel has been with Ecolab for almost 20 years. Currently, she is Ecolab’s Global Platform Manager and is responsible for leading the design and implementation of their enterprise PIM system. Regan manages the aggregation and transformation of digital product data for the consumption of all internal and external facing systems. In addition, she oversees the global data standards for digital product data that is transmitted to their customers and distributors.

With over fifteen years of background in item data and content alignment, Randy Mercer brings real world, relevant experience to solving for the digital experience. As an e-commerce toolset developer, Randy lead a solutions team in designing, building and implementing applications to enable integrated B2B2C commerce. Randy has leveraged those years of experience in leading the Solution Sales team at 1WorldSync, where their role is to collaborate with 1WorldSync Technology to architect comprehensive digital content provisioning solutions. Today Randy is responsible for all aspects of product life cycle management required to understand and meet market demands, technology trends and the competitive field to ensure world class technology and industry leading consultancy.
To fully engage the world’s largest manufacturers and retailers, 1WorldSync offers industry leading technology and advisory services. As the global leader in the exchange and sharing of digital product content, 1WorldSync relies on Randy and his team to manage the strategic product roadmap and vision to achieve the desired impact on existing and new markets its world class technology and industry leading consultancy.

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