Everything MDM Virtual Conference: Advanced Reporting and Analytics with PIM/MDM

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Presented by Ramesh Prabhala, Satheesh Ramachandran, and Kartik Nanda of IntelliTide

Ramesh Prabhala is the founder of IntelliTide – a Data Science Platforms and Services company which uses the power of Data Management, Analytics and AI to find those hidden treasures in your data. Prior to founding IntelliTide, he led a number of global MDM and PIM implementations and worked in various technical management, engineering and consulting roles for some of the world’s largest companies.

Dr. Satheesh Ramachandran has been delivering machine learning solutions before the world woke up to machine learning. He has built models that score millions of debts for collections risk, predict millions of claims for fraud, predict default risk for millions of loans, predict which new song will be the next hit, score patients for readmission risk, and so on. Be it natural language processing, deep learning and neural networks, classical statistical models, optimization models, recommendation systems, Dr. Ramachandran has covered it all.

Kartik Nanda is AI Advisor at IntelliTide. His expertise is Artificial Intelligence, Signal Processing and Algorithms (with multiple patents in these areas) spanning two decades and multiple domains including consumer electronics, e-retail, renewable energy and food supply chain.

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