Fast, Flexible SAP material management workflow automation with SharePoint

Recorded webinar

Oct 3, 2013

Winshuttle lets non-programmers build SharePoint-based workflow applications that integrate with SAP, giving you a powerful new way to simplify processes and solve real business problems. During this webinar, you will see real world examples of SAP material master data management and demonstrations of SharePoint-based applications.

  • Authoring a material creation with intelligent contributor routing based on material type
  • Designing data entry forms for various stakeholders in the material creation process
  • Creating, changing, and applying business rules to material creation workflow

These specific examples will highlight the rapid development capabilities of Winshuttle products and methods to help you accelerate and automate your business anywhere that SAP is deployed.

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Due to the time savings we've seen with Winshuttle, I haven't needed to add head count even as the company continues to expand.

Joseph Wieczorek
Director, Master Data Organization

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