Take the pain out of Lotus Notes migrations

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Join us to learn how to migrate your Lotus Notes workflow applications quickly and efficiently.

Migrating workflows from Lotus Notes is not only time-consuming and expensive, but it can also cause a lot of disruption to your users.

Attend our webinar to find out how Winshuttle provides an easier, faster path for migration by enabling you to:

  • Create workflows faster with more flexibility, without the need for coding
  • Validate data against SAP at the point of entry, improving data quality and accuracy
  • Automatically move data to SAP without the need for re-keying
  • Complete your migration in-house with minimal disruption to users

Our webinars are here to help.

Winshuttle webinars are a great way to learn how to integrate SAP with our products, build workflow applications the right way, increase the value of your business, and so much more.

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