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Kristian Kalsing

As Vice President of Product & Solutions, Kristian is responsible for product management, enterprise solutions, and product marketing. He is instrumental in driving the strategic direction of the company and continuously elevating the value that Winshuttle’s software platform and methodology bring to customers. Prior to joining Winshuttle in 2010, Kristian was widely respected as one of the pioneering thought leaders in bridging the gap between SAP and Microsoft technologies. Since starting his career in Denmark, Kristian has gained experience with enterprise software solutions in a broad range of industries in Europe, Australia, and North America. He has held various roles across Engineering, Professional Services, Sales, and Marketing.

May 21, 2014 ·

Insights from Master Data Customer Success Stories at EMEA WUG

Master data customers share their success stories at the EMEA WUG.

May 19, 2014 ·

The 6 Common Ways Dirty Data is Created

Errors and omissions in master data can cause costly business interruptions. Here is a look at 6 common types of dirty data.

May 12, 2014 ·

How to Streamline Plant Maintenance With Your Master Data

For any company that operates large and complex plants, world-class production performance is achieved through efficient plant maintenance. Without streamlined maintenance processes, plants experience high maintenance costs and unnecessary downtime. It is not unusual for large companies, such as utilities or companies in the oil and gas industries, to realize millions in savings when they improve the way they control plant maintenance.  In a modern enterprise running on an ERP system, such as SAP, efficient plant maintenance depends on the quality of the underlying master data. Master data objects that are specific to plant maintenance in SAP  include functional locations and… Read more

May 1, 2014 ·

Improve Master Data Quality with Excel and SharePoint

Streamline manual data entry, and improve master data quality through Excel and SharePoint integration.

Apr 25, 2014 ·

Free white papers on master data governance

Over time more companies are realizing the importance of master data governance and established data governance programs are increasingly becoming commonplace. But there are also many companies, probably still the majority, who are only just getting started. If you are one of the pioneers of data governance within your organization, you have probably realized by now that there is a lot to learn. With the help from industry experts, we have put together a collection of white papers that will help improve your understanding of common challenges of master data governance. These free white papers cover various aspects of master… Read more

Apr 10, 2014 ·

Get Started with Master Data Governance – At Collaborate ’14

This week we at Collaborate ’14 we’re having great conversations with Oracle customers on how to improve the quality of their master data. Lots of people have been coming through the booth for demos, but we’re also giving a talk tomorrow as part of the session program. This will be a good session to attend if you are just getting started with master data governance. We’ll cover some basic concepts and discuss some real-life examples of how data quality has a direct impact on the bottom line. Improve Master Data Quality with Excel and SharePoint Friday April 11, 11 am,… Read more

Mar 17, 2014 ·

Announcing the Workflow Dashboard Beta Program

Winshuttle Foundation includes advanced workflow capabilities that companies are using to optimize internal processes for collecting, reviewing and approving data before it is loaded into the ERP back-end. Often replacing very manual email-based processes, these solutions offer an immediate benefit in terms of reducing costly processing time and improving data quality. Once these workflow solutions have been in place for a while there are two questions that process owners keep asking: How are my processes performing? Where are my bottlenecks? You first want to answer how your processes are performing to understand of how well you are meeting service-level agreements with the… Read more

Dec 30, 2013 ·

Reduce Time-to-Market for Consumer Packaged Goods

Reduce time-to-market for packaged goods with Winshuttle material master data management.

Jun 6, 2013 ·

Verify customer and vendor addresses using SAP Data Services

Winshuttle has native support for validating form data against business rules configured in SAP even before submitting the request. This is important because it means there is no need for replicating this logic outside of SAP. In addition, Winshuttle can also include value-added rules that are not usually stored in SAP. Examples of this are simple rules for automatically filling in default values based on values in a few initial fields. For more advanced validation of data such as address verification, SAP Data Services offer valuable complementary capabilities. It is possible to build a customer request form like the one… Read more

May 23, 2013 ·

Optimize SCM processes by continually improving master data

Optimizing SCM processes through lean master data management.

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