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Kristian Kalsing

As Vice President of Product & Solutions, Kristian is responsible for product management, enterprise solutions, and product marketing. He is instrumental in driving the strategic direction of the company and continuously elevating the value that Winshuttle’s software platform and methodology bring to customers. Prior to joining Winshuttle in 2010, Kristian was widely respected as one of the pioneering thought leaders in bridging the gap between SAP and Microsoft technologies. Since starting his career in Denmark, Kristian has gained experience with enterprise software solutions in a broad range of industries in Europe, Australia, and North America. He has held various roles across Engineering, Professional Services, Sales, and Marketing.

Feb 20, 2013 ·

Selecting the right solutions for your SAP master data problems

In recent years, Winshuttle has had great success with providing solutions for active governance of SAP master data. It is not unusual to hear customer testimonials praising how they “cannot live without Winshuttle” or that they “love it!” If you want to hear it for yourself, join us at our User Group Conference in San Diego later this year. With quite a few options in the market when it comes to software tools for master data, what exactly is it that makes Winshuttle so popular?  The master data management market is dominated by three major players: IBM, Oracle and SAP…. Read more

Nov 28, 2012 ·

SAP “F4 Help” in a web form

A promising new feature of the 10.4 release of the Winshuttle platform is the support for “F4 Help” in a web form. When completing a transaction in SAP, many fields require reference data which is designated by abbreviated codes. For example, when entering ‘Agriculture’ in a field denoting ‘Industry,’ you may be using ‘AGR’ as the code. In most SAP transactions, there are many fields relying on such codes. These short codes are great for power users who are heavy users of a few transactions on a day-to-day basis. However, when these power users cannot remember the codes or when… Read more

Jul 25, 2012 ·

Brushy conquers Mt Rainier!

Brushy has already seen many parts of the world and earlier this week his adventures reached new heights with his summit of Mt Rainier. This massive stratovolcano is the loftiest peak in the state of Washington (4392 m, 14411 ft) and the most glaciated peak and fifth highest in the lower 48 states of the US. On Monday, Brushy climbed up to the Ingraham Glacier, an hour past Camp Muir, where he spent a gorgeous afternoon in the sun before hitting the sack early. At 1 am, he arose to perfect conditions and started his summit push by 2:15 am…. Read more

Jun 18, 2012 ·

Create fit-for-purpose workflows for your Excel data files

Customers who have been using Winshuttle Transaction with Winshuttle Central have for a long time been able to take advantage of the out-of-the-box governance workflows, ensuring that upload scripts and Excel data files are reviewed and approved before being used against any production instances of SAP. This has effectively allowed companies to deploy Winshuttle and realize the benefits more widely across the business, without compromising IT governance requirements. With the release of version 10.3, Winshuttle has extended the workflow capabilities for Winshuttle Transaction and Excel-based scenarios. These additional capabilities are delivered by adding Winshuttle Workflow and Winshuttle Designer to the… Read more

Jun 6, 2012 ·

Solution Lifecycle Management with Winshuttle Designer

For workflow-based processes, Winshuttle Designer is the tool that brings it all together. In Winshuttle Designer, you combine SAP upload and download scripts created with Winshuttle Transaction and Winshuttle Query with forms and workflow to build a complete solution that automates an entire business process. This solution constitutes a number of different artifacts: Workflow definition Form view(s) Transaction script(s) Query scripts(s) Currently, when moving a complete solution from one environment to another (ie. from a development environment to a production environment) you have to manually migrate each of these artifacts. This can be a cumbersome process, particularly if you have… Read more

May 25, 2012 ·

Universal task list for your Winshuttle processes in SharePoint

When using Winshuttle’s Forms and Workflow Solution for SharePoint to automate SAP business processes, it is best practices to organize those processes into logical groupings, each represented by separate sub sites in SharePoint. These groupings can be based on functional areas, departments, regions or other units that make sense in your organization. The advantage is that users can be constricted to only having access to processes and data on the specific sub site. It also provides a better user experience when users mainly operate in a site targeted at their needs. With a distributed structure with processes divided amongst sub… Read more

Feb 28, 2012 ·

Workflow Reporting and Auditing

Visibility into business process history and performance is critical for every business implementing Winshuttle Workflow. For every action taken in every workflow process, audit information is available allowing you to provide comprehensive logs and reports in order to comply with auditing requirements. The same database of workflow activity can be used to create reports and dashboards providing insights into the overall performance of the business unit or single individuals. For example, it is common that shared service departments have service level agreements (SLAs) that they are committed to. You can build dashboards which measure actual performance against these SLAs. Winshuttle… Read more

Feb 1, 2012 ·

Export SAP data to SharePoint in 5 minutes

With the release of version 10.3, Winshuttle Query has the ability to use SharePoint lists as a destination for SAP queries. This provides a quick and easy way of exporting any SAP data into SharePoint and utilize it in use cases where you are mashing up business data from SAP with collaborative content in SharePoint. There are two ways of running these queries. You can run them straight from the desktop on an ad-hoc basis or if you have Winshuttle Server you can schedule runs on the server. The server-scheduled queries can be configured to run on a recurring schedule,… Read more

Dec 1, 2011 ·

Populating picklists on forms

When developing a forms and workflow solution, you regular need to populate so called picklists (a.k.a. dropdowns). It is a common task when developing forms with Winshuttle Workflow where you are typically collecting data for SAP. A key requirement in most scenarios where data is collected for SAP is to guide the user through inputting the right values. This can be achieved by limiting the user’s choice with picklists rather than presenting free-text fields. Often these picklists need to be populated with values from SAP. Driving values directly from SAP means less maintenance on the form as changes in SAP… Read more

Sep 19, 2011 ·

Observations from SAP TechEd in Las Vegas

The 2011 and 15th anniversary edition of the SAP TechEd conference series was kicked off last week when 6,500 SAP techies congregated at the Venetian in Las Vegas. By the time the follow-up events are held in Madrid, Bangalore and Beijing later this year, more than 20,000 SAP professionals worldwide will have attended SAP TechEd. In recent years, SAP has adopted an annual cycle of announcing new product visions at SAPPHIRE in the beginning of the year and then following up with the technical details at the TechEd events later in the year. As such, Vishal Sikka’s keynote in Las… Read more

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