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Kristian Kalsing

As Vice President of Product & Solutions, Kristian is responsible for product management, enterprise solutions, and product marketing. He is instrumental in driving the strategic direction of the company and continuously elevating the value that Winshuttle’s software platform and methodology bring to customers. Prior to joining Winshuttle in 2010, Kristian was widely respected as one of the pioneering thought leaders in bridging the gap between SAP and Microsoft technologies. Since starting his career in Denmark, Kristian has gained experience with enterprise software solutions in a broad range of industries in Europe, Australia, and North America. He has held various roles across Engineering, Professional Services, Sales, and Marketing.

Jul 18, 2011 ·

Three easy steps to create a web service for your SAP system

Web services are the de facto standard for communication between systems and devices over the network. In a service-oriented architecture, systems are opened up to other systems and interfaces by deploying web services. This is also the case with SAP where you can build alternative user interfaces that communicate directly with SAP through web services. There are many scenarios where you may want to provide business users with an interface other than the standard SAP GUI. It could be in situations where non-SAP users are participating in the process or where more role-specific custom interfaces would streamline the business process…. Read more

Apr 26, 2011 ·

Putting the business back in the driver’s seat

Michael Doane, the well respected author of the SAP Blue Book and the SAP Green Book, has published an excellent article on his blog about the pressing need for getting the business back in control when it comes to ongoing process improvements. For way too long, there has been excessive focus on improving the technology itself rather than concentrating on how the business gets value from it. Doane’s article was a comforting read because the key message on the need for customers to move into the business realm of SAP is exactly one of the core principles guiding the product… Read more

Mar 8, 2011 ·

Winshuttle Demo at SAP Financials 2011

This week we’re exhibiting at SAP Financials 2011 in Las Vegas. So far, we’ve had lots of interest from people who are interested in simplifying the SAP user experience. Using familiar tools like Excel to interact with SAP can significantly accelerate common business processes. One of our Solution Engineers, Victor is demonstrating how you can combine Winshuttle Query and Winshuttle Transaction to build an Excel-based solution for making mass changes to SAP data. In this particular example, he is showing how you can optimize material changes (MM02).

Mar 3, 2011 ·

Microsoft InfoPath or Adobe Forms?

Many enterprises have requirements that naturally lead to solutions that involve deploying electronic forms. These forms can be implemented utilizing a wide range of technologies currently available in the market. For companies that have significant investments in both SAP and Microsoft, the discussion is often narrowed down to Microsoft InfoPath versus Adobe Forms, which are both products for designing and deploying XML-based data entry forms. Microsoft InfoPath is a forms designer which, being part of the Microsoft Office suite, offers a familiar design experience to existing Office users. InfoPath forms can either be deployed as standalone forms which require form… Read more

Jan 25, 2011 ·

Empowering SharePoint consultants to build business process solutions

SharePoint is increasingly becoming a de facto standard in the Office environment where information workers feel comfortable. But until now SharePoint has mainly been utilized as an intranet and collaboration platform with limited or no vertical integration into core business systems. Part of the reason is the complexity that is often associated with building solutions that integrate with the ERP system, which is where most of the critical business data reside. In order to expose ERP functionality in SharePoint, developers and business users need easy-to-understand reusable web services. However, enabling these web services if often the bottleneck and solving this… Read more

Dec 13, 2010 ·

Leveraging the SharePoint 2010 capabilities

Just as many customers are evaluating the potential of SharePoint 2010 in order to make a decision on when to upgrade their existing SharePoint environment, the Winshuttle Central team is looking closely at SharePoint 2010 from a software vendor’s perspective. Not only do we want to adequately support customers on SharePoint 2010, but the expanded capabilities of the latest SharePoint release also increases the potential of products that are built on top of SharePoint such as Central. The next release of Central, version 10.1, will be fully compatible with SharePoint 2010. This means that regardless of whether customers are running… Read more

Nov 2, 2010 ·

SAP is reaching out to more users

Last month, the annual SAP TechEd event took place in both Berlin and Las Vegas. It’s the conference where we generally expect to get a bit more substance behind announcements made at SAPPHIRE earlier in the year and obtain a better understanding of SAP’s focus and priorities going forward. One of the key themes at this year’s TechEd has been about extending the reach of SAP. The focus on technologies such as ‘Project Gateway’ and Mobility are strong indications that SAP wants to make its data and functionality more accessible by other platforms. For Winshuttle, this is a strong verification… Read more

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