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Ritika Taondwal

Jun 18, 2015 ·

5 Ways to Create Better Queries with Winshuttle

How to leverage features within Winshuttle Query to improve SAP Queries

Nov 29, 2010 ·

Going Agile

Many of us have heard about or been a part of the new, faster, result-oriented way of creating successful products – Agile Product Development. ‘Lengthy business requirement documents going through multiple levels of approvals’ or ‘a development plan where the end product can be seen only after months’ are certain things that you would not hear in an agile world at all. We all know about the standups, scrum masters, sprint reviews, etc., but what is the core principle of agile? In many organizations, in the name of implementing agile methodology, managers merely change the name of the waterfall model… Read more