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Sigrid Kok

May 13, 2014 ·

The Essential Secret to Maintaining Plant Materials – Perfecting SAP Master Data

Many successful industries are currently utilizing Winshuttle for Plant Maintenance and Repair and Operations.

Mar 25, 2014 ·

Master Data: How to Avoid Issues with the Requestor’s Process

This time of year, those of us in the US are scrambling to get our taxes in by the April 15th deadline.  Even if we have someone prepare our taxes for us, we have a lot of preparation to do.  The process can take a large amount of time to complete, including finding receipts, W-2’s and lots of other documents.  In addition one may have to fill out many forms for the tax consultant.  Needless to say this timely process, depending on how organized you are and the complexity of your situation, isn’t a fun chore. Once you’ve submitted your… Read more