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Tiffani Marsing

Tiffani Marsing is a Pre-Sales Solution Engineer and has worked at Winshuttle for going on 5 years. She especially loves talking about Human Resources as this was her SAP area of responsibility in a previous life. When not working, she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with her husband and dogs, preferably at a beach. Fun fact, she was once an offensive/defensive lineman for the Seattle Majestics: a full contact, professional women’s football team!

Apr 13, 2016 ·

How to Reduce Time Wasted on Entering Employee Timesheets

In this post, learn how to improve your HR SAP processes by streamlining your timesheet entry process, freeing up time for more value added tasks.

Apr 27, 2015 ·

HR Hacks: Streamline Your Hiring Processes With Winshuttle

Incorrect data in the HR world can be a nightmare, especially in SAP. Improve your hiring processes with Winshuttle and ensure data accuracy in all of your individual HR hiring actions.

Feb 21, 2014 ·

Useful Tips to Customize SAP

SAP is the largest business software company in the world. That means, as a new user, you join a diverse and robust global community! Luckily that translates to hundreds of tips and tricks on the internet to help you customize SAP and get the most out of your experience. I’ve short listed a few of my favorite for you here. Change Session Colors If you’re like most, you have multiple instances of SAP open and they all look alike. So how can you make sure that you are updating your manual data entry in the correct environments? You can easily… Read more