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Dec 5, 2019 · Kristen Mery

Changing Market Conditions Necessitate Scaled and Streamlined Product Launch Processes for Manufacturers

There’s been a huge disruption in the manufacturing industry with several small nimble brands entering the marketplace and grabbing market share from large, established manufacturers. “Size used to be one of the most important factors of success, but e-commerce has leveled the playing field, subsequently allowing smaller brands to reach consumers in unprecedented ways.” IRI data cited by Forbes, Oct., 2018 Whether you work for a large or small manufacturer, this transforming marketplace is putting new pressures on teams. To better understand these demands, we surveyed 199 manufacturers who use SAP ERP systems to find out what businesses are doing... Read more

Dec 5, 2019 · Andrew Hayden

A Look at Columbia Sportswear’s Global Business Transformation – and How Winshuttle Contributes to Its Success

With Columbia Sportwear in the news this past month — both announcing the passing of chairwoman Gert Boyle (whose family founded the business in 1938 and was most recognized for the company’s iconic “One Tough Mother” TV ad campaign in the ‘90s) as well as the more positive headlines disclosing record third quarter 2019 financial results — I thought this would be an appropriate time to revisit a great success story we posted several months ago: Columbia Sportswear Connects Active People with Their Passions Faster Than Ever Before, which detailed how the business was able to speed and simplify its... Read more

Nov 27, 2019 · Jeanette Mifsud

Where SAP MDG and Winshuttle Foundation Fit into an SAP Data Management and Automation Portfolio

  It’s hard to overstate the importance of getting your SAP master data right, and there are many ways you can go about improving the quality of your master data, both as it’s entered into your system and later to clean up existing bad dataOne question we get asked often by our customers is, “How does Winshuttle Foundation compare to SAP’s MDG product?” The answer is that although there are some areas of overlap in capabilities, there are important differences between the two solutions. With limited SAP IT resources and budget, choosing the right solution for the task at hand... Read more

Nov 20, 2019 · Jeanette Mifsud

Why driving operational efficiency in SAP Plant Maintenance starts with master data quality

Poor quality or missing data in SAP can have serious financial consequences for your maintenance operations. Poor equipment performance due to ineffective maintenance plans can cost you dearly in business disruption, wasted labor hours, and even in regulatory fines. Excess spares inventory and expedited parts delivery also add to the real costs of bad data. According to The International Society of Automation, factories lose between 5-20% of their productive capacity from downtime. Efficient plant maintenance operations depend on the quality of your underlying master data, and with SAP, there is a lot of data to set up and maintain and... Read more

Oct 29, 2019 · Andrew Hayden

4 Ways SAP Journal Entry Bottlenecks Affect your Business … and How to Eliminate them

Companies rely on the financial data in the SAP General Ledger to run their businesses efficiently and effectively. However, as enterprises grow, the number of general ledger journal entries you manage increases exponentially, often making it difficult for a controller or CFO to produce timely and accurate financial reports. Winshuttle has been helping customers overcome the challenges of SAP data management and process automation for over 15 years.  If you’re responsible for your company’s general ledger accounting and associated journal entries, you should check out our SAP Journal Entry ebook, to learn about solutions to the four of the most... Read more

Oct 15, 2019 · Andrew Hayden

Five ways to accelerate your financial accounting automation journey

While many SAP financial processes are ripe for automation, Winshuttle customers tell us that tackling these 5 improvement priorities enabled them to get some quick wins, prove ROI, and secure funding to continue their automation journey: Speeding up general ledger entries Reducing invoicing traffic jams Improving Master Data accuracy Improving compliance across key business processes Spending less time preparing for audits The question is, how do you make headway on automation when your IT teams have a huge backlog of requests? The good news is that Winshuttle software doesn’t require specialized SAP programming skills, so SAP super users or analysts... Read more

Sep 24, 2019 · Jeanette Mifsud

The Top 10 Customer Master Data Challenges in SAP and How to Solve Them

Because Winshuttle empowers business teams to manage their data, we get to see firsthand how everyday data management and process automation challenges can impact organizations in big ways. Creating and updating SAP customer master data records is a good example of how slow, manual processes or poor-quality data can lead to delays in order processing or a host of other downstream problems. The top ten Customer Master Data challenges that we typically see companies face include: Slow, manual create and update processes Duplicate customer records Lack of compliance with business procedures and rules Missing customer data Unstandardized, poor-quality data Managing... Read more

Aug 13, 2019 · Kristen Mery

Bad Master Data – Explained

Everybody knows Master Data is important. In fact, in recent years most organizations have agreed that master data is a strategic asset. We also know that when master data is not right, the consequences can be costly. According to Gartner, poor data quality costs organizations an average of $13.3M per year. If we know all this, why is so much master data still bad? And why does it take so long to create and change? Well, there’s a lot of it, and in many organizations only a fraction of the master data is proactively and efficiently managed. Most companies focus on... Read more

May 28, 2019 · Kristian Kalsing

The importance of SAP-specific RPA capabilities

The importance of SAP-specific RPA capabilities Again this year, RPA was a hot topic at SAPPHIRE in Orlando. Winshuttle had a very well attended session on the show floor as well as many RPA conversations in our booth. It is evident large organizations are already down the RPA path and most have invested in one of the well-known generic platforms. However, more and more are also concluding that one generic RPA tool is not going to meet all enterprise needs for desktop automation. Increasingly, RPA teams are discovering use cases where special purpose RPA capabilities can complement what the generic... Read more

May 24, 2019 · Sandi Ateser

A New Perspective: Sapphire Now ASUG Annual Conference

The 2019 Sapphire Now ASUG Annual Conference had a lot to offer. As a first-time attendee of this event, I was impressed by the breadth and depth of topics of discussion from the 1700+ sessions, and daily keynotes with guest speakers from SAP leadership, SAP customers, and celebrities. They even brought in Bear Grylls & Sandra Bullock to talk about leadership! Let’s not forget the performance by Lady Gaga at the close of the conference. With long days, countless interesting conversations and aching feet, Sapphire didn’t disappoint! The knowledge gained by hearing challenges tackled and results gained by attending sessions... Read more