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By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Jun 3, 2015

At a presentation of Winshuttle’s Composer workflow-solution with assistance from a distributor’s system, a client told me that he had commissioned the development of similar software, two years prior. However, development costs were high, and the results were inherently inflexible and couldn’t be adapted to changing circumstances. Since the client is currently already using Winshuttle Studio and is quite satisfied with it, he’s now considering replacing his present workflow solution with Winshuttle. WInshuttle composer

Here are 3 advantages to using Winshuttle’s workflow solutions:

  • No expensive specialists are needed for development, maintenance, or customization, since Winshuttle solutions are already deployed in this area, and implementing a workflow won’t require programming. After Winshuttle installs the application, the business developer (or IT employees familiar with the operation) typically implement workflows.
  • Dependencies of fields in forms can be created effortlessly by establishing rules within the forms. For example, fields that are already filled in can determine the content of other fields, or values suggested for a field can be limited dynamically to those that are actually relevant.
  • High-quality master data can be achieved in many areas since Winshuttle permits logging of SAP transactions in any order. This record serves as the basis for validating and structuring data across a workflow and entering web form contents directly into SAP.

These benefits have all been confirmed in a current implementation project from a client who was introducing Winshuttle Composer. The client implemented processes in the areas of master-data management and Human Resources, where similar somewhat complicated procedures were described by users in conjunction with business developers – then implemented with Composer. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of this implementation or others, learn how Winshuttle Composer can simplify your workflow solution creation.

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