4 Ways SAP Journal Entry Bottlenecks Affect your Business … and How to Eliminate them

By Andrew Hayden on Oct 29, 2019

Companies rely on the financial data in the SAP General Ledger to run their businesses efficiently and effectively. However, as enterprises grow, the number of general ledger journal entries you manage increases exponentially, often making it difficult for a controller or CFO to produce timely and accurate financial reports.

Winshuttle has been helping customers overcome the challenges of SAP data management and process automation for over 15 years.  If you’re responsible for your company’s general ledger accounting and associated journal entries, you should check out our SAP Journal Entry ebook, to learn about solutions to the four of the most common journal entry bottlenecks including:

  1. Multiple Systems of Record
  2. Data Overload
  3. Process Paralysis
  4. Data Difficulties

Winshuttle’s Enterprise Journal Entry solution lets users consolidate massive numbers of journal entries into Winshuttle enabled Excel workbooks. The data in the Excel files is easily validated against SAP, prior to being routed for review and approval by the appropriate team members. Winshuttle Foundation manages the workflow process, and everything is tracked and routed appropriately, with files being queued for auto-posting to SAP once all approvals have been received. By automating manual journal entry processes, the Enterprise Journal Entry solution eliminates many of the bottlenecks that hamper SAP general ledger accounting and makes your life easier.

Read the ebook, “4 Ways SAP Journal Entry Bottlenecks Affect Your Business” to learn more about each of the common bottlenecks and how Winshuttle software can help streamline and automate your Journal Entry process.

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Andrew Hayden

Andrew is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Winshuttle, responsible for developing product marketing and sales enablement programs focusing on the company’s finance and SAP automation solutions. Before joining Winshuttle, he spent over 25 years in senior marketing and product roles for companies ranging from tiny startups to global technology giants, including IBM, Siemens, and Nortel. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife and their two cats.

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