5 Reasons to Love Integrating SAP with Productive Interfaces

By Raja Reddy on Feb 17, 2016

I was doing some research around purchasing a new car recently, and one of the most confusing things was trying to decide if one with higher brand value was more important than one with better performance and features. This choice can be very tricky, because if you choose one with more features and performance that has less brand value, it may give trouble in the long run. Some cars might be unable to receive good service, spare parts, or lead to low resale value if you want to sell them in future. Businessman on dark background taking with fingers car icon

On the other hand, you could play it safe by getting one with more brand value in the market. You’d never be far away from service, recognition and resale value, though you might compromise on some performance features. What if there was a way to increase the performance of the car with additional boosters? Sounds great right? By doing this you’ll get the car that satisfies the market, meets society expectations and your personal expectations to boot!

ERP customers often find themselves in this same scenario. Most large enterprises that embark on an enterprise resource planning initiative will typically choose the option that has more brand value, strong availability of resources in the market, and is compatible with their industry, vertical, etc. As I mentioned above, expecting high productivity with standard accessories might be a little too much. However, the good news is you have tools that can add value to your ERP application and help you receive the maximum ROI. Many of my customers who are either implementing SAP or have already implemented SAP find that the standard operating method may not always give the maximum productivity – especially if you are working with huge volumes of the data.

One of my customers recently told me he spends many hours every week uploading equipment master data to SAP from Excel. Interestingly he was also using LSMW – the standard tool provided by SAP for bulk uploads, which was not meeting his expectations. After discussing these issues with me, he started using Winshuttle for bulk data uploads and automation and is now a happy customer for several reasons:

5 benefits of integrating SAP with Productive Interfaces

  1. You can validate user provided data well before it gets updated to SAP – saving significant time, as there is no scope for errors or duplicates.
  2. Efficient error management during batch uploads
  3. Ability to combine both creation and updates of master data with one click
  4. Get the synergistic advantage by combining Winshuttle and Excel based validations
  5. Professional support from the Winshuttle team


Another one of our customers was using SAP for several years, struggling to handle data migration with multiple SAP instances and writing ABAP code for bulk data uploads to custom transaction codes. After evaluating our solutions, they selected Winshuttle to rescue data migrations and custom transaction requirements. Today they are satisfied because they no longer need to depend on lengthy programming efforts. They got the Winshuttle advantage for efficiently handling even the most complex bulk data uploads, saving a significant amount of time, and avoiding costly development work. They’ve also increased productivity among team members.

These two customer experiences are just a sample of the reasons many customers are loving using Winshuttle as their booster or accelerator tool for their SAP systems. Winshuttle is bridging the gap between traditional SAP and productive interfaces such as Excel and web forms. If you are struggling with data management issues like bulk data uploads, validations, or duplicate checks, please get in touch with us today to explore what you can achieve to improve your productivity by combining productive interfaces. We look forward to connecting with you.

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