9 Usability Improvements To Look For in Studio v11

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Feb 11, 2016

There are many reasons to be excited about the release of Winshuttle Studio v11, which will debut at the upcoming Winshuttle User Group conference next week. Today we’d like to focus on some of the usability improvements you can expect to see in the new version of the product. We’ve done extensive research around usability for this new version, and if you’re attending the upcoming WUG, you can get a sneak peek of Studio v11 in the demo area. If you’d like to see what we have up our sleeves for the next version, please sign up for a feedback session in the usability lab at WUG! Here are a few of the top usability improvements included in the new product release.



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In previous versions of Studio, you had to log on and provide a transaction code to create a script from a recording. When those steps were completed, there was nothing to indicate that the script was processing. Now Studio v11 has a feedback box to help you understand there is something happening in the background, and to ask for your patience during the process. This is just one example of how we provide clarity through additional feedback in the user interface, and you will definitely notice more throughout the product.

Updated Ribbon and Tabs

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In the early phases of developing Studio v11, we decided to mirror the user experience of Microsoft Excel, since most of our users are quite adept with it. You will notice the similarities immediately. We are using a ribbon interface with all of the basic and advanced functionality exposed in one place. This will hopefully ease your transition to this release.

Loop creation improvements

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We’ve made some improvements around the creation and insertion of loops in Studio v11. The loop dialogs now have visual diagrams to help you understand how to structure your data.  In addition, the range of fields in the Mapper are highlighted as the loop is being created so it’s very easy to see what will and won’t be included.  And lastly, once the loop has been applied, the visualization in the Mapper is much better.

Complex condition functionality

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We’ve made some similar visual improvements with conditions, and we are now allowing the creation of rather complex logical conditions using parenthesized groupings. You will have the ability to make conditions more complex using nested “AND” and “OR” logic, where previously you might have created nested conditions. You can also see your condition and groupings in the Mapper itself, which is extremely helpful when troubleshooting.

New Transform functionality

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You can now use the Transform functionality in both Transaction and Query. You can add a formula into the Transform box and keep the formula inside the script, instead of having the formula in the Excel sheet.  This is beneficial because in previous versions, you needed to rely on the your Excel sheet, and scripts could break due to missing formulas. The new version now ties the formula to the script, and it doesn’t matter what sheet the Runner is using.

Ability to set rules

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Setting rules for particular fields like allowed values is now available, and you can specify things like “if empty”, or “only allow values within list.” You can type in different values, import from a file, or tie it to another sheet in the workbook. You can also dynamically lookup the link list to your company code and make sure users are selecting correct entries. This means you can constrain users to work only with valid SAP values.

Enhanced Run options

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If you’re a regular user, you know your Run options included “Run Now,” “Run Later,” or “Run With Errors”. What you might not have known is that you also had advanced feature options hidden in the right-hand panel. These options are now right in front of you in the ribbon. You can also use a “test run” feature by running your first 5 rows and correct errors before you keep running.

Enhanced Run rules for Authors

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Sometimes your runners can’t be trusted, and you need more security around your run options to protect your data. Now you can lock certain run settings so that Runner users can’t change them. These settings will show an active ‘lock’ icon next to them to indicate their locked state.

Clarity for chain scripts

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Chained scripts were previously listed under advanced run options in the 10.x series. In Studio v11, you can find chained scripts in a button on the ribbon, and clearly see how scripts are tied together, while configuring their run settings.

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