Accelerate and Innovate 2011

By Vikram Chalana on Feb 6, 2011

The year 2011 promises to be one of our biggest and best years ever for Winshuttle. In 2010 we doubled the number of products we offer, we significantly expanded our distribution capability, and we set up the right teams, tools and processes in all parts of our company. So, in 2011 we are really well-positioned to take off!

“Accelerate” is one of Winshuttle’s key themes for 2011. This theme will drive the goals for all aspects of our business this year —

  • accelerating our product development lifecycle
  • improving our customer support response time
  • accelerating marketing lead generation
  • shortening our sales cycle
  • closing our books faster

The second big theme for Winshuttle in 2011 in “Innovate”. Innovation at Winshuttle will show up not only in the new products and features we will be introducing to our customers, but also how we support our customers, how we reach out to them, and how we internally run as a business.

The Winshuttle Engineering team started a program called Winnovate 2011 where each member of the engineering team gets one day every month to work on something new and innovative outside of their regular product development activities. All of us at Winshuttle are looking forward to bringing many innovative ideas to our customers in 2011.

About the author

Vikram Chalana

As Winshuttle's Chief Technology Officer, and Co-Founder, Vikram has been focused on empowering people to transform their ERP-based businesses since Winshuttle's humble beginnings. He is passionate about technology that allows people to improve their lives and the way they run their businesses. Outside of work Vikram likes to spend time outdoors running, hiking, kayaking, and skiing.

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