How to Accelerate your Master Data Maturity

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Dec 5, 2013

How to Accelerate your Master Data Maturity

In my previous blog post, “What is Your Current Data Maturity Level”, we described the 5 levels of master data maturity. The level descriptions allow you to determine your companies’ Master Data Maturity Level.

It’s evident that company’s maturity levels vary across the board. Winshuttle offers a comprehensive suite of products that allows companies to accelerate their master data maturity process, generating quick but significant results from the first step.

Organization focus on Master Data

We utilize a progressive “crawl-walk-run” deployment strategy to minimize the start-up time, thereby allowing organizations to improve their master data processing step by step while reaping immediate rewards.

Here is a summary of our process:

  • Desktop (Crawl): Our desktop tools, Winshuttle STUDIO and STUDIO RUNNER, allows users easily create Excel or Access templates for mass actions within ERP (SAP or Oracle). Combining this with queries will help improve the quality of your master data.


  • Workgroup (Walk): In order to extend these capabilities even further and achieve better master data governance and control, we recommend Winshuttle CENTRAL. This governance tool set includes out-of-the-box workflows for administration of the templates and mass actions pertaining to your ERP data. Winshuttle Central also works as a document repository for your scripts and templates.


  • Enterprise (Run): Total automation of master data creation and maintenance processes is possible with Winshuttle FOUNDATION. This agile workflow tool allows for easy creation and maintenance of governance master data processes, fully customized for your specific needs. These workflows include Web-based forms (for individual operations) or Excel templates (for mass processing). The embedded reporting and dashboard tools allow you to measure efficiency and implement continuous improvements each step of the way.

Man assisting woman in computer roomThe first two stages, Crawl and Walk, allows you to improve the quality of your existing ERP master data. The third stage, Run, ensures that your data won’t get “dirty” again, and approval processes are put in place to safeguard the quality and accuracy of your master data.

Our products assisted Carestream, a leader in medical film and digital imaging solutions, with their data migration and cleansing during an SAP upgrade.  Our case study on Carestream showcases how they rely on Winshuttle to create efficient workflows in their Master Data, using simple SharePoint-based forms. The Winshuttle products have transformed the way they work. For example, Winshuttle TRANSACTION automates their data transfer and Winshuttle FOUNDATION helps distribute the solution via automated workflow throughout the organization. Winshuttle QUERY makes it easy for Farmer and her team to extract data and create reports.

The following matrix is a broad guide of our products and is used by which roles within the company.






Winshuttle Areas




Can you identify your company’s master data maturity level? If your company isn’t at the Optimized level, with a state-of-the-art management platform, you should contact us to learn how we can help increase your master data maturity level.

In the next post we will dive deeper into this process, using a real-life example of what to expect when implementing this strategy with Winshuttle tools.

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