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By David Coerchon on Mar 20, 2014

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I’m a long distance runner, with over 10 marathons under my belt. Running is my opportunity to clear my head, since I spend a large amount of time training. On my long runs, especially when I reach the 30 kilometers mark, it’s often painful continue running.

I am frequently asked why I spend a lot of my free time training for marathons. There are other ways to train that would be quicker, more efficient, and involve less pain. I often respond by explaining the many benefits I receive from these activities in terms of health, feeling of accomplishment and self-discipline.

When it comes to our daily professional activities, the same kind of logic can be applied.  However, the thought process for our professional lives varies a great deal. Consider some key questions that might be asked of data-entry SAP accounting transactions:

  • Is it necessary? Of course, the response is a resounding yes, companies need to have their accounting updated and balanced.
  • Is it painful? It’s a repetitive task which requires an employee to log plenty of hours in front of a computer keying in data.
  • Does it require training? Yes, employees need to be trained to ensure they understand how to complete the work by set processes.
  • Is there a secret value in completing this task manually? No, since accounting data is prepared beforehand. In fact, it is more an act of re-keying data, a mandatory but low value task.
  • Are there any workarounds? There are workarounds, but usually they are not fully compliant with regulations and require further justification at the account validation stage.

Imagine a solution that will enable your company to obtain the benefits of updated accounts, less errors, faster updates, and in compliance, yet without the pains of time, delay and  training issues. Would you be interested in taking a look at this solution?

Empowering People - Making Heroes

Empowering People – Making Heroes

Winshuttle offers a range of solutions which help companies overcome their data entry challenges enabling them to work directly from Excel to SAP, or from simplified web based forms to SAP. Our mission is empowering people and making heroes. We have success stories from many companies who have overcame their data entry challenges and enhanced the benefit they receive from their SAP applications.

I do not plan on quitting my rigorous training schedule due to the numerous benefits it provides. However, you should consider adding our software to your SAP upload process- because there are no upsides to costly mistakes and the time it takes to manually enter data. For questions or more information please reach out to info@winshuttle.com.

About the author

David Coerchon

David is pre-sales consultant at Winshuttle France since 2013. He is a specialist in Business Intelligence. As he graduated in business and controlling, his main concern is how companies can improve their processes and measure their return. This marathon runner also knows when it is worth tracking more, and when it is necessary to think in order to make leaps.

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