How to Become a Master Data Hero – Part Four: Usage

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Aug 13, 2014


I am back again with part four of my five part series: How to Become a Master Data Hero. In this part, we will explore usage and test management. Now that you have designed your solution, you will need to test it in a given environment. winshuttle-hero

The following advice should help clarify your thinking about solution testing and help you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your testing. It is helpful to think about testing in terms of five essential elements:

  1. test strategy that tells you what types of testing and the amount of testing you think will work best at finding the defects
  2. testing plan of the actual testing tasks you will need to execute to carry out that strategy
  3. Test cases that have been prepared in advance in the form of detailed examples you will use to check that the solution will actually meet its requirements
  4. Test data consisting of both input test data and database test data to use while you are executing your test cases, and
  5. test environment which you will use to carry out your testing.

In addition, you may consider other environments (i.e. DEV or QA) as you promote your solution to a production-class environment.

Beyond testing, there is another class of usage: Persona or Role Play. In this manner, I am referring to the different people who will be instrumental in your solution. For example, a user may submit a request for time off. However, you wouldn’t allow that person to approve their own leave request. With Winshuttle, you can create ‘views’ to only show elements that are relevant to the end-user: Requester versus Manager views.

If you want to improve your solution usage, or if you are new to testing, one very helpful thing you can do is make sure you have all five of the above elements in place. Many testers struggle with inadequate resources, undocumented requirements, and lack of involvement with the development process early in the solution development life cycle. Pushing for all five and proper timing is one way to significantly improve the effectiveness of testing as an essential part of form building.

Next time we will conclude this series with solution management.

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