Best Practices for Deploying Winshuttle on an Enterprise Scale

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Jan 23, 2012

Recently, our marketing and product team interviewed several of our leading enterprise customers on the topic of best practices for a Winshuttle Enterprise Deployment (WED). These insights were published in a white paper entitled “Best Practices for Winshuttle Enterprise Deployment” and provides advice to organizations planning an Enterprise Deployment of the Winshuttle Platform. In this context, Enterprise Deployment refers to the deployment of multiple client installations under the management of Winshuttle Central.

Specific Winshuttle products in an Enterprise Deployment include:

  1. Winshuttle Central for licensing, administration, and governance
  2. Winshuttle Studio for client-side solution authors
  3. Winshuttle Runner for runtime access to Winshuttle solutions
  4. Winshuttle Server for Auto-post functionality and job scheduling (optional)

Several key topics are explored in this paper including:

  1. Roles and responsibilities within an enterprise supporting Winshuttle’s solutions on a global scale;
  2. Script and template development best practices;
  3. Recommendations as they related to permissions and policies by given user persona for participating in a Winshuttle enterprise environment and;
  4. Managing software upgrades, migrations along with best practices for change management and user acceptance.

Start building your understanding of what it takes to not only use Winshuttle’s solutions for SAP business process innovation, but what it takes to prepare your company for a successful deployment and user acceptance of this market leading solution.

Finally, we are planning to conduct a “virtual round table” discussion with key enterprise advocates of Winshuttle’s ERP usability platform early March – stay tuned for more information on this opportunity to listen to the experts who have successfully implemented Winshuttle on a global scale.

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