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By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Mar 4, 2011

Being from the Detroit area originally, there will always be a place in my heart for the motor city. Every now and then I come across something out of the motor city that appeals to that place. The Chrysler super bowl ad was one of those moments for me. See for yourself – Besides rekindling some of the positive images of my roots, the other message that resonated with me was to focus on doing what you do best. We all know that a large part of being successful in both business and life is to weed through all of the distractors and focus on doing the things we do best.

At Winshuttle, we improve companies by providing non-programming solutions that connect everyday processes with their enterprise systems like SAP. As our success at Winshuttle grows and we expand our solutions, our product team is focused to stay true to what we do and the people we do it for because it is who we are. Winshuttle started by connecting Microsoft Excel to SAP. But we did not stop there, we connect SAP to Microsoft Access and have recently added SAP connections to SharePoint, InfoPath and PDF. But we are not going to stop there either. However, be confident that as we continue to create new products,they will always allow user to interact with ERP systems in new and innovative ways without programming. It is what we do.

If you’ve used Winshuttle for Excel to SAP and haven’t seen some of our other products, check out the product page on our website: Better yet,if you have some ideas of things we should build, please share it here

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