Breaking the Status Quo of Productivity

By Raja Reddy on May 7, 2015

When you go to a restaurant or a retail store, chances are it won’t be that difficult for you to pick the items you’re looking for, because most of the time you know what you want.

What happens when you are indecisive about what you really want? You need something that can improve your productivity and help you utilize your time efficiently in your day to day activities. Something to help you get rid of all the garbage you have been carrying for a long time. Many of these underlying issues can be hidden, and you may never know if you want to explore something new.

This is what happens with most of the customers I talk to at Winshuttle. A lot of SAP business users are not aware of the ways that can help them be more efficient, and very few people challenge the status quo.

I recently had the opportunity to visit a Finance director whose team size is over 70 employees. Most of these users work with SAP systems on a daily basis to keep their account books up to date. A majority of their work involves updating SAP data from sources such as Excel, note pads, papers, etc. A significant amount of time is spent collecting data from various sources and updating them to SAP. I found it interesting that some of these processes were as old as 10 years, and the people had been following the same approach without any updated changes. The Finance Director decided to challenge the status quo and streamline their existing processes. Stressed businessman sitting at his desk isolated on white background

Winshuttle did an onsite workshop with the business users, process owners and IT team. The findings were very interesting, and our recommendations for solutions included:

  1. Going paperless: This is a digital era. Collecting data from papers is insufficient
  2. Data validation: Implement real time data validation, right from the 1st step in data collection. This can help reduce errors and incomplete data
  3. Connect everyone in data collection any time, anywhere: Gone are the days that someone needs to be present in the office for requesting an approval or providing approvals.
  4. Avoid duplicate data entry: Integrate data collection and upload to SAP. Use your resources and time productively, rather than wasting time on manual data uploads.


The best example I can quote is the Apple iPad. Nobody would have imagined that there is an unmet need between a Phone and a laptop computer until the iPad was launched in 2010. The number of iPad units sold globally from the previous quarter stands at an astonishing 258 million. If Apple was thinking conventionally, they wouldn’t have discovered this hidden need.

It is time to think and challenge the status quo. Next time I meet with a customer, I have questions ready to challenge and ignite the imagination to find the right productivity solutions. Are you ready?

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