Highlights of SPC 2014 – Bridging Gaps Between SAP and SharePoint

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Mar 5, 2014

At the close of day two, my general impression of the SharePoint conference 2014 so far is: strange timing. The conference comes after SharePoint 2013 has just reached an SP1 milestone, and for an informed attendee there isn’t much to discover. BERLIN - JANUARY 21:  Entrance to Bread & Butter fair on January 21, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. Tens of thousands of visitors attended the tradeshow this year.

Microsoft has the same focus as last year, on applications, only with a little added clarity and guidance of more advanced scenarios. The main focus of Microsoft’s is social, including new features; such as Yammer SDK, and OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) for Business Mac. However, the majority of neat features highlighted requires consumers to wait patiently until their release.

There seems to be heightened awareness about bridging the gaps between SAP and SharePoint. I heard executives from Microsoft and SAP discuss and demonstrate the new way to seamlessly access and analyze data across the enterprise. The ultimate goal is to have one version of the truth, increase productivity and optimize business performance. Demonstrations showed how you can pull key data elements from SAP, as a query, with an add-in for Excel. It should be noted that the single version of the truth still relies on Pam to be in place and it’s only a one-way pull from SAP. However, one of the coolest future features will be the integration with Lync. It will possible to quickly notify a coworker that an updated document is ready for their review in the SharePoint library. The talks highlighted the long road to fully understand the education required to meet the needs of companies and its workers.

Chris Givens at SPC 2014Another noteworthy session, was hosted by SharePoint aficionado, Chris Givens (@givenscj) and Microsoft’s Bill Bauer, on a deep dive of Shredded Storage. The hosts explained in laymen’s terms how Shredded Storage works, why it is both very important and should never be turned off.

With two days left, I’m looking forward to more SharePoint learning. What are your highlights so far? Please reach out via Twitter – @esmoore01.

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