Build success from the inside – Step 1: Start with the right people

By Tammy Lake on Sep 30, 2020

A senior manager at one of Winshuttle’s largest customers recently told me that he sees a trend at his company. They buy the latest technology sold to them as easy to use and THE solution to their business challenges. However, once they bring the technology in, they realize it was either oversold or is never fully implemented or widely adopted.

That got me thinking. What he said is so true for so many companies, but why? What’s missing? What makes even the best technology fail? What does success look like? How can Winshuttle help our customers be successful beyond teaching them how to use our software? So many questions…

I want to share some success stories with you. The how behind the why. What we have learned that not only has worked, but also has won awards and recognition at our most successful customers. I’ll break it down into three steps – people, processes, and technology.

Step 1: Start with the right people.

Winshuttle often uses phrases like “Empowering business teams to make an impact at scale”. What we mean by that is allowing the business users who know the business processes and data behind the processes more than anyone else to have direct involvement in automating those processes. Hearing us talk like this can make some management and IT teams nervous about losing control of processes mandated by company policy, audit guidelines, or legal regulations. Having a background in IT, I can certainly understand where they are coming from. However, we are starting to see a trend where more and more organizations have strategic plans to shift the responsibility of streamlining day to day processes away from IT and into the hands of the business users responsible for data quality and defining the requirements needed for automating those processes.

Starting with the “people” in “people, process and technology,” I’ll share best practices I’ve seen work first-hand at some of the biggest companies and brands in the world. I’ll also provide lessons learned along the way and key questions to ask when building out your automation team and working along-side IT.

Please join me on this journey and feel free to reach out with questions and comments!

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Tammy Lake

Tammy Lake is a Solutions Engineer at Winshuttle, with over 20 years of business IT experience working together with all business units inside manufacturing and oil and gas companies. Her professional goals have always included helping others simplify and automate business processes. She loves working with customers to help them imagine the possibilities with Winshuttle.

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