Business Led, IT Enabled: A Win-Win for Enterprise IT

By Kristian Kalsing on Dec 16, 2015

Most IT departments today are challenged with meeting the growing needs of the business, and organizations in all industries are under increasing competitive pressure to keep innovating and finding ways to add customer value. Business innovation usually requires new or improved technology solutions, which drive an increased demand on IT departments.

Some IT departments respond to this by isolating themselves in a position where they end up spending more time pushing back on the business than building solutions that meet the new agile requirements. We can all imagine the stereotype of an IT professional endlessly listing all the reasons why the business cannot have or do something – and there is some truth to that image. Business collaboration teamwork and growth with roots in the shape of a hand shake and trees as human heads for trust and integrity in a growing financial relationship for strong wealth success.

However, there is a promising trend of IT departments proactively collaborating with the business to solve this challenge of “unmet needs.” I’ve personally seen a shift in the attitude of IT departments in many leading companies. Adapting to a world of ever changing circumstances, IT departments are focusing more on how they can enable and empower people in the business to take greater ownership of their own solutions.

Because there is little to no evidence of companies raising the overall IT budget, the only way to increase the resource pool of people actively working on new solutions is by employing tools and methodologies that involve people in the business. A significant additional benefit to having people closer to the problems solve those problems is that it removes unnecessary complexity.

Technology has come a long way in recent years and there are now many toolsets available that are geared towards the analysts in the business as opposed to the “heavy-hitters” in Enterprise IT. By empowering the business to use more of these tools, IT can free up valuable resources for the big strategic projects that only IT can address. At Winshuttle, we believe there is a huge untapped potential by providing the business with more powerful capabilities. Many problems can be solved by the business with little help from IT if they the right tools are available to them. It’s important to recognize that IT does need to be involved in defining and controlling the boundaries of the business-oriented tools to ensure security, compliance or performance of key systems are not compromised.


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