Business Needs Do Not Fit In A Box – And Neither Does Winshuttle

By Bill Wiseman on Jun 2, 2020

There is a place for everything, and everything has a place. That may be true for a lot of things in this world but not for all things. Some things just won’t fit in a box.

Over the past 15 years working in the software industry, I have had the opportunity to help a variety of customers find and build solutions that meet their unique business needs. During this time, I haven’t encountered two customers that were exactly like. Every prospect or customer has different needs, requirements, rules and policies that need to be met.

Why is it so significant? A few years back, ERP systems attempted to provide the best-in-breed applications in a single unified platform. With the passing of time, we saw the emergence of a tremendous amount of solutions that addressed specific requirements. Applications suited best to customer and supplier relationship management, analytics solutions, products best suited for Finance or Human Resources were introduced and the list goes on and on.

It wasn’t long before enterprise vendors realized there was value in these applications. We saw a multitude of acquisitions and consolidations and some organizations continued to succeed independently.

Now when we speak with customers, we see the need for consolidation of multiple platforms and the need to unify the tremendous amount of data contained in each. How can companies maintain so many applications and how do they measure strategic applications?

A strategic application is one that can provide, best-of-breed functionality and address a diverse set of needs. In addition, it needs to be agile enough to easily react to changes in business process requirements.

What we have found in serving over 2,400 organizations and 25,000 business users over the years, is that the greatest attribute of our solution is that it addresses a multitude of industries, functional business areas and requirements. Winshuttle supports a huge cross-section of industries including Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, Transportation, Consumer products and many more. You can’t put Winshuttle in any one industry box.

In addition, we serve a diverse group of functional areas of the business. Winshuttle’s value extends across the organization, from Master Data, IT, and Finance to Human Resources, Supply Chain, Sales and Distribution, and Plant Maintenance, to name a few.  Winshuttle is agnostic to functional business areas and excels in all areas. It simply won’t fit in any one functional box.

Winshuttle provides world-class Excel-to-SAP integration, creating, validating, and changing millions of records in every functional area of the business every year.

Our flagship platform Evolve, combines workflow automation, data stewardship and deep SAP integration capabilities. Evolve is powerful enough to support complex data processes and agile enough to change as your business processes change.

Our EnterWorks platform is a multi-domain MDM/PIM used to create and maintain consistent, high quality master data and other critical data. EnterWorks gives customers a unique mix of data quality, enrichment and syndication capabilities.

As people evaluate their critical assets and determine their strategic attributes, one thing remains constant —  Winshuttle brings exceptional value to any organization across a wide variety of applications. A solution that fits the needs of almost every industry in the world, and every business user within those organizations, simply won’t fit in a box.

About the author

Bill Wiseman

Bill resides in West Palm Beach, FL, with his wife Debbie of 35 years. He has 15 years of Software Presales experience in the SAP ecosystem, the past 10 at Winshuttle and prior to that, 20 years of experience in Public and Private Industry Accounting.

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