Confessions of a Pricing Analyst: Get Back to Higher Value Tasks

By Heather Oebel on Nov 18, 2015

Business Analysts are often hired today to conduct strategic work, but get caught up firefighting, unable to even begin thinking about the higher level tasks they were hired to do. This story is all to familiar for a leading life sciences company, and a previous employer of mine, (if we had only had Winshuttle at the time!). We hired a pricing analyst to help determine what our prices should be in our competitive market place. She had an MBA from a renowned Technology Institute and was well equipped to do the job – almost overqualified! She ended up spending the majority of her time stuck in manual data entry, maintaining prices. “60-70% of my time was spent trying to implement a pricing strategy that took a fraction of the time to develop,” she said. “I was stuck in manual data entry manipulating flat data files and catering to the needs of IT to get my data in the system – the backlog from IT was my life. It was the only way to get my pricing strategy implemented at the time.” pricing

Tens of thousands of materials needed sales prices maintained, and the traditional way of managing this through VK12 in SAP was very tedious to say the least. IT became involved to assist with loading data using traditional technical tools, but this didn’t make the task less monotonous.  It was a major project every time a price change occurred, and  the majority of the analyst’s time was spent simply trying to get the prices in the system. Very little time was spent on the analysis of the price, which is what she was actually hired to do.  I see this scenario replayed often with our current customers for business analyst or data steward positions. These roles manage the highly important asset of “data” for the company, but more often than not, they’re stuck in mundane tasks, maintaining data in SAP.

Winshuttle Studio allows you to reduce manual data entry and focus on more value added tasks. Users are able to work with a familiar interface like Excel to extract the prices out of SAP and calculate new prices with the click of a button. After review, newly calculated prices are loaded back into SAP, all while working from the comfort of Excel.

Find out how you can save significant time and money and get back to the “analysis” you were hired to do – let Winshuttle take care of the tedious data entry.

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