COVID-19: Implications on Data and how Winshuttle can help

By Neha Anand Datta on May 7, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak continues to evolve by the day and has a global impact on businesses around the world. It’s a health and humanitarian crisis but has also pushed businesses to rapidly shift gears, disrupted the running supply chains, caused massive issues in order fulfilment, brought industries to a standstill due to travel restrictions and put barriers for employees to carry out their jobs. This article is intended for Winshuttle’s existing customers or organisations who use SAP as the system of record to carry out critical functions and need to keep up with the changing demands and manage their data efficiently.

Rapid production requirements for healthcare systems

The surge in demand for special care facilities, ventilators, hyperbaric oxygen, rapid testing kits, and medical supplies such as personal protective equipment has overwhelmed the companies to accelerate the production process and manufacture pivotal products to meet the demand. Winshuttle can help update the data for products in SAP quickly and bring products to market much faster by eliminating manual work and routing procedures.

Some examples include:

  • Enabling geographical or line extensions and new product data for any business unit and region with an intuitive UI and workflow approvals
  • Changing multiple components which might have been replaced with different sourcing options
  • Changing maintenance plans and work orders for plants and facilities in SAP IW32, IP02
  • Creating or updating mass product data or articles master using MM01/02; MM41/42
  • Closing sales or purchase processes quickly in SAP to keep up with any unexpected demands by automating VA01/ME21N
  • Leverage ‘roundtrip’ capabilities to extract-change-load data in SAP using easy Winshuttle chain scripts such as pricing updates

Sudden and variable adjustments to human resource management

Organisations globally are scrambling to expand or contract to adapt to the current business climate in their industries, government mandates and other employee data changes.

Winshuttle allows you update all aspects of data in the employee lifecycle and the hire-to-retire business process including:

  • Managing furloughed employee data or change in employee job status creating new groups/subgroups in SAP
  • Updating customer specific status field STAT1 to change the status for mass employees’ example: furloughed, sick, unpaid leave
  • Adjusting employee salaries using Info type 0008 using easy Winshuttle scripts
  • Re-evaluate the time evaluation program or quota, non-quota driven absences in SAP using mass transaction updates PA61/62/63
  • Mass update for employee location data with offices being shut, example: quick updates to Info type 0032 in SAP

Drive efficiency and productivity through automation

Doing more with less has never been more important. ​Winshuttle’s Excel-to-SAP automation allows users to quickly create and update SAP data fast with a tool you already know. Designed for business teams, it empowers people to create SAP-enabled Excel workbooks to speed through processes, uploading thousands of financial journal entries, updating master data records. ​ Here are some examples:

  • Rapid creation or processing of journal entries for department billings or corrections with approvals using FB50/FB70/F-02
  • In order to keep the businesses up and running in these times and continue to pay suppliers against the contracts, manage vendor invoices in SAP using FB60
  • Manage Customer invoices using FB70
  • Get rid of invoice backlogs and process mass updates using simple Winshuttle finance scripts

Get your data ready for longer term initiatives

If your S/4 HANA projects are stalled or delayed, you can use this time to clean your data and then migrate the master and transactional data to S4 quickly and effectively along with reduced costs.

  • Simplify your system and build easy scripts to migrate required data in the new or latest S4 HANA version
  • Query the data from existing ECC systems and complete corrections for upload, get rid of unused or incorrect data
  • Get the data ready for the new universal journals ACDOCA and business partner BP maintenance in S4
  • Gain the ability to validate and simulate the data using additional business rules before upload and ensure the data is right the first time

Winshuttles’ S4 HANA platform:


In these challenging times, Winshuttle can help companies be more agile and respond to the market changes quickly and we are available to support your business teams wherever they are working from. Our customers tell us Winshuttle solutions improve data quality and compliance, scale launch capacity, reduce downstream errors, eliminate business risks. Reach out to us and we can help reinvent and reimagine this new normal.

Since there is a huge impact on the businesses in each industry, we are trying our best to deliver the same experience and bring our solutions and expertise to you ‘just in time’ which in turn can help you to perform data management and automate your existing ERP processes.

For more information, please visit our Data Movement Resource Centre

About the author

Neha Anand Datta

Neha is an ERP specialist who has led many successful SAP implementation projects for customers across the globe. As a solution engineer in Winshuttle, she is helping clients in their digitalisation journey by rationalizing and automating their business processes using Winshuttle’s product suite.

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