Data Migration eBook: Migrating Data In & Out of SAP ERP With Winshuttle

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Dec 7, 2016

Migrating data into and out of SAP is a common use case for both Winshuttle customers and SAP consultants alike. Data migration projects can stem from a number of business events like mergers or acquisitions, a consolidation of SAP systems or a net new SAP implementation (or an S4 HANA pilot!). Migrating data is often considered one of the most risky aspects of a project. Incomplete, missing or incorrect data can lead to project failure, so give your migration extra special attention. 

Winshuttle is well suited for certain data migration scenarios, and this can be determined after assessing your installation. Most data migration projects can benefit from the agility and flexibility that Winshuttle bring across all modules and thousands of SAP TCodes.

To help you learn how Winshuttle fits into your data migration efforts, we put together a data migration eBook! This eBook reviews topics to consider for your data migration checklist such as pre-migration planning, data staging, load testing and solution design. When you use a product like Winshuttle Studio, you empower business users to manage their own migration data and tasks. You can also wrap data for migrations with approval workflows to support your audits and compliance.

This eBook is not an exhaustive guide to data migration. It describes how customers are using Winshuttle in their data migration efforts and the reason they chose to use Winshuttle instead of tools like LSMW or an expensive third party solution that requires very detailed technical expertise to use. If you are ramping up a data migration project or considering one, I encourage you to download the eBook and review the outlined factors. Please feel free to contact us and let us what you think so we can incorporate feedback into future revisions.

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