Data Stewardship: How Winshuttle Helps You Achieve Data Integrity

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Apr 26, 2017

Data stewardshipLong-term, it’s better to think about deploying Winshuttle on a 1:1 basis. By this I mean every SAP user should have a Winshuttle license. Winshuttle should be considered as a natural companion for the SAPGUI and Microsoft Office installations on Windows desktops.

The rationale for the 1:1 argument is due to the lack of Excel integration with SAP, and the fact that almost every SAP user is an SAP application data management steward. A quick Google search for “data stewardship” will reward you with this pretty succinct definition of the concept.

Data stewardship is the management and oversight of an organization’s data assets to help provide business users with high-quality data that is easily accessible in a consistent manner.

It’s clear that everyone creating and maintaining data in SAP is a data steward even if it isn’t in their job title or description.

I challenge businesses to think about data stewardship, SAP, Winshuttle and Excel as interrelated when mass data management activities are needed. This is because in conversations with both the business and IT, we’ve found that initial Winshuttle licenses purchases rapidly resulted in additional license acquisitions. This is because as users became comfortable with their automated procedures, they often became very excited and shared their enthusiasm with their less privileged colleagues.

In the words of some customers – “We’re always looking for what to automate next.

Winshuttle continues to grow in adoption and is becoming a default intuitive first choice for Excel to SAP integration. As SAP users become aware of the capabilities of Winshuttle in small isolated groups, pent-up demand for robust SAP-EXCEL integration often pushes the acquisition of more Winshuttle licenses across all functional areas.

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