Don’t Get Fooled by Errors in Your Accounting Data

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Apr 18, 2018

There’s nothing quite like the sting of getting pranked. If your family or friends celebrate April Fool’s Day, you may have been subject to some of the usual pranks earlier this month. You might have also fallen for some of the internet pranks that happen on April Fool’s Day including the usual Google prank press release like these greatest hits.

Don't get fooled by errors in accounting data

If you’re relying on manual SAP processes in accounting, there’s also a good chance you’re getting fooled by your data as well. There are a number of ways errors can occur and cause inaccurate reports or time-intensive rework including:

  • Errors from manual processes that are simply the result of repetitive manual accounting processes. If accountants or staff are entering data for hours on end, there’s a greater chance of errors
  • Inaccurate data from upstream processes that may fall outside of the scope of accounting automation projects but nonetheless reduce the accuracy and efficiency of finance
  • Inconsistent formatting for SAP data. Accountants and staff may have limited access to look-up SAP data or it may take too long to review formatting. This can result in errors that prevent uploading to SAP

By introducing SAP automation, finance organizations can stop getting fooled by errors and inaccuracies in accounting data. In addition to increasing the accuracy of accounting data, teams can realize extensive benefits by reducing manual SAP processes. For example, accounting staff can shift time from administrative tasks to higher value projects. And you can shift vendors, temporary staff or other resources that are being used to address manual SAP processes elsewhere or reduce the need for them moving forward.

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*We can help you avoid getting fooled by manual SAP processes, but we can’t help with other April pranks. We’re still working that out.

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