Don’t Waste Time in Testing Cycles – Automate SAP Testing with Winshuttle

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Aug 4, 2015

How efficient is regression testing in your organization?

Due to their integrated and global nature, SAP environments require time-consuming SAP testing cycles with each major change, whether it be through a service pack upgrade, a rollout, consolidation or introduction of new functionality. This often adds an unwelcome workload to each of the functional areas, as manual testing is tedious and cumbersome.

Did you know that Winshuttle can automate these test cycles?

A test is essentially the execution of a transaction using a set of test data against a specific SAP instance. A test case can be represented in Winshuttle as an Excel template containing test data and an embedded transaction script that is executed using the provided test data.




The Excel spreadsheet above represents a unit test case for creating a purchase order. A Winshuttle Script is embedded into the spreadsheet, and executes transaction ME21N at the click of the Run button.


po me21n


The results of the test are automatically recorded and written in Excel, as illustrated above. Once executed, this data file containing the results can be stored as proof of a successful test. After a Winshuttle test case is created, it can be repeated as often as required, using the Run button.

It’s possible to build an integration test string utilizing this same concept by chaining together scripts and their test data. In the following example, a spreadsheet is created with three tabs for a purchase order (ME21N), a goods receipt (MIGO) and a logistics invoice verification (MIRO).





Additional ideas that have been implemented to improve the users’ experience and testing efficiency include:

  • The reference data needed for subsequent transactions is copied from the Purchase order to the Goods Receipt and Invoice tabs. The purchase order number created in the first step is copied into the goods receipt.
  • Oftentimes there are discrepancies with master data between SAP systems; to overcome this, the test case provides a Vendor and Material look-up which can be refreshed from the desired SAP system via a Winshuttle Query directly into Excel.
  • Excel data validation functionality has been provided in various fields.

I was able to create the above example in a matter of hours, without programming or even using LSMW. The test can now be executed by our end-users directly from Excel much faster than ever before. Our test manager will have a record of all the tests run and the test results.  The next SAP regression test cycle should be a breeze…

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