Automating Master Data Management to Drive Efficiency Across Your SAP Plant Maintenance Operations

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Apr 30, 2018

Every plant has its own heroic stories and legends about maintenance teams repairing a critical piece of equipment under pressure, in record time. But you rarely see recognition of any kind for a preventive SAP plant maintenance routine that has resulted in no downtime over a long operating period.

The job of your maintenance teams shouldn’t be to fix things; it should be to keep equipment running.

In today’s manufacturing environment, all downtime is painful to the bottom line, and there are too many competitors waiting to take your market share.

In modern organizations running on an ERP system like SAP, efficient SAP plant maintenance depends on the quality of the underlying master data. Master data objects that are specific to plant maintenance in SAP include functional locations, equipment, and spare parts. Setting up and maintaining these records is often a very manual process, with little to no tracking of change requests that leads to a lot of data entry errors.

When you have a huge amount of master data that needs to get set up and maintained, different people across several departments need to be involved in maintaining different objects, but a lot of the responsibility falls on planners and engineers. Sometimes SAP analysts are involved, or data entry people assigned to the PM team. In both cases, it either takes forever to get data into the system or it never gets in at all – especially material data (think of that box of spares delivered with any piece of equipment).

Are your planners, engineers, and other highly skilled personnel spending too many hours chasing information on equipment and materials, or entering and correcting master data into SAP? Streamline your SAP plant maintenance operationsPoor data quality has a direct and negative impact on your decision making and resource planning and leads to downstream effects like higher costs, higher risk, and compliance issues.

Give your maintenance team the power to automate their SAP data maintenance tasks with a toolkit designed for business users. Winshuttle makes it faster and easier for maintenance teams to get data right, as you acquire and retire assets and infrastructure. This allows skilled personnel to spend more time doing the core work of maintenance planning instead of data management.

Watch our recently recorded webinar to find out how you can start empowering your maintenance teams to continually improve PM operational efficiency by streamlining the creation and maintenance of equipment, materials, maintenance plans, task lists, and any other master data processes—while improving data quality and accuracy.

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