Winshuttle’s Obvious (because marketing wouldn’t let me call it dumb) Question Contest

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Mar 30, 2014

For many years, I was a trainer, teaching users how to use software, such as Excel and SAP. To engage the class and help my students learn, I always encouraged my students to ask questions. I began all my classes by informing my students that there are no dumb questions. If they did not know the answer, chances are others in the class could benefit from the answer as well. Speaker at business workshop and presentation. Audience at the conference room.

Recently, I was walking through the grocery store and I heard a fellow customers ask a simple question. They had picked up a kitchen tool and asked, “How does this work?” It made me think about many of my student’s first time interactions with software products. They were often confused at the software design and functionality. At Winshuttle, our goal is to make things easier for SAP and Oracle EBS users; however, as with any new technology, our software may not make sense the first time you use it. I am sure some of our first time users have attempted to use our products by double clicking on the icon and then just stared at the screen not knowing where to start.

We continue to make great strides in interface improvements for our upcoming version 11 release. Receiving customer feedback is one of the most important factors in identifying improvements for our products.  The truth about “dumb” questions is that they help us view our products as our customers see them. We live in a Winshuttle world, but you, our customers, are the ones interacting with many different systems and pieces of software throughout your day. It does not matter if you are new to Winshuttle or have been using our software for many years, questions reveal themselves when you are confused on the functionality of our products.  We hope you are aware of our online help and knowledge base.

In order to improve both the functionality of our products and our knowledge base, we need to receive your questions. We’re kicking off a monthly “Obvious ‘Dumb’ Question Contest”. To enter the contest, all you have to do is post a question in the comment portion of this KB article. If your question is not answered in the Knowledge Base, we will create an article for it. If the answer to your question isn’t easy to find, we guarantee we will make it easier for you to locate. From March 31st until April 30th, the best 5 questions, judged by our support team, will receive a $20 Amazon gift card.


So post your questions. We are here to help and look forward to all of your Winshuttle product inquiries, especially the obvious “dumb” ones!



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