Eli Lilly, Six Sigma and Winshuttle’s Business Value Assessment

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Jan 8, 2014

Recently, David Lane, SAP Lead Architect with Eli Lilly, delivered an excellent overview of how he led his team to drive process innovation within their order to cash team.  The significant message here was how David weaved the quantitative results from the Winshuttle BVA with qualitative results from the user interviews to form the basis for an accelerated Six Sigma “Kaizen” week.  As many of you may know, Toyota led the way decades ago in developing the Six Sigma approach for continuous process improvement – but what is significant these days is how “big data” – in this case millions of SAP transaction samples – is now being used to provide a basis for process innovations at companies like Eli Lilly – a global multinational with billions in revenue and tens of thousands of employees.  

Identifying process innovation candidates can be a little  like searching for a needle in a haystack.  But as David pointed out – the process innovators were able to use the Winshuttle BVA to identify locations throughout the world that were involved with high levels of order to cash processing, and assist those teams to streamline operations.  In David’s words the BVA process was a perfect lead up to their Kaizen week…

Want to learn more? Get a cup of coffee, spend find 45 minutes listening to this webcast. Every company in the world could benefit and streamline processes by using Six Sigma and the BVA to identify key candidates for business process innovation!

Vector Six sigma diagram scheme conceptAnd…

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