Evolution of usability

By Vishal Chalana on Sep 23, 2010

Over the last couple of years we have seen a change in enterprise application vendors with respect to usability of products. Perhaps  they finally realized that their users were struggling with complex user interfaces and work flows. Why they did not think of this earlier is unclear to me, but I suppose they had too much legacy to take care of.  Things have changed now. Users want everything to work on their latest mobile phone.

In the early days of Winshuttle, before usability was important and iPhones and iPads were  invented, enterprise users loved our products because they made their ERP lives simpler. Microsoft Excel is what they lived in and we integrated into it perfectly. Like other vendors, our product have evolved as well and Winshuttle 10 perfectly fits users needs of the day. It is no more a product or a suite of products. Winshuttle 10 is a “usability platform”. With Winshuttle FORMS and Winshuttle SERVER, there is no limit on which user interface platform you are using – Microsoft Infopath, Adobe Forms or HTML forms on iPhone. But the coolest part of our platform is that it is still very simple and gets driven by end users!

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