Finance Resolution #2: Become Less Reliant on IT

By Clinton Jones on Jan 5, 2017

Start the new year off right by trying to rely less on IT. You can reduce your dependency by empowering your finance team to take control and upload data and postings from Microsoft Excel to SAP without having to engage in  any customizations of SAP or programming.

A study conducted by Curiosity Box on behalf of Sage Alchemex found that “Excel is an integral part of the daily toolbox for most financial managers and accountants.” It should hardly come as a surprise then, that most data starts out in Excel, and eventually needs to find its way into the actual system of record – SAP.

Achieving that last mile of integration can be difficult. Most finance organizations rely on IT to work out the integration, but some continue to labor under the burden of manual entry, and copying and pasting data. While a harmonious relationship with IT is desirable, IT likely finds the requirements of Excel integration with SAP somewhat of a nuisance, and sometimes they wish it would go away so they could move on to higher value work.

The good news is that Winshuttle’s platform for SAP application data management enables the business to create fast and robust integration scenarios for many aspects of the SAP ERP application framework without needing a developer and without having to have any knowledge of programming.

Depending on what the data is and what you want to do with it, accountants and finance team members have several options. At the most basic level, you can choose Winshuttle Journal Entry to quickly spin-up one or more pre-delivered templates for the Journal Entry process in SAP. If there are additional CO-PA fields or fields that are not available in the standard templates, you can use Winshuttle Studio to quickly create your own custom template.

Once the templates are selected and customizations and publishing steps are completed, your next step is simply to deploy the Excel workbook to licensed ‘runner’ users. With their SAP credentials these users can then fill up the workbooks with data and push entries into SAP in real-time, and attach the sourcing workbook to the entries.

Removing your dependency on IT for creating tools to upload data from Excel into SAP, gives IT more time to focus on bigger initiatives that have higher value to the business. Finance teams also have the ability to rapidly tweak and deploy the templates according to their own specific and evolving needs.

If you’re looking for one thing to resolve in 2017, I recommend you take a careful look at Winshuttle Journal Entry for the automation of financial postings in SAP. Many SAP customers are regularly using Winshuttle Journal Entry to smooth their periodic processing activities to post journals from Excel that range in size from just a few lines to thousands.

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