Finance VLOG Series Tip #3: Flow of Work

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Mar 1, 2016

VLOG #3: Flow of work

In our 3rd of 5 part Finance VLOG series, we will discuss the flow of work. A lack of streamlined work flow compounds inefficiency and impairs a finance team’s ability to remain agile and responsive. Defining and implementing a work flow strategy is the key to a rhythmic operational cadence and consistent scalable operations. If you know and understand how the flow of work should be, then you can drive towards improved quality of work and ultimately become more flexible and agile.

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Flow of Work Video Transcription

Hi my name is Clinton Jones, and I’m a Director of Product Management at Winshuttle. Today I thought I would discuss the concept of the flow of work with you. Now if you’re not using Winshuttle products, or even if you are using Winshuttle products but you’re only using them in the most basic way, what you can consider is how do you actually exchange documents with users in the organization. How you maintain consistency with the way you gather your data, how do you physically collate all of that data and get it into the system in a seamless and accurate way.

Of course, if you’re not familiar with Winshuttle then you will discover pretty quickly that one of the ways we do this is we do a 3 step recording against SAP – record, map and run. And then the output of that is our template. The template is then used as the basis for gathering the data.  And that is fine for small groups or individuals, but as soon as you start having other participants in the process, what you need to do is you need to apply a workflow to this template. And this is possible with Foundation, and it can be done in two forms: Foundation with just governance, or it can be done with Foundation with custom workflow and forms. Now if you do it with governance, it’s a very basic set of pre-delivered workflows. If you do it with Foundation for the Enterprise effectively, with forms and custom workflow, then you have more options than just using the Excel template. You can use the same object we created in the record, map and run and then what you can do is use that as a web-service. That web-service can be consumed by a Winshuttle form, or by any application that you choose to build that can be consumed by web-services. And that is effectively how you can streamline your data gathering processes, and really just consolidate the flow of work.


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