How to Find Time to Thrive in the Digital Age

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on Mar 15, 2017

Today exponential data growth, new technology, global markets, new competitors, and new business models can all cause disruptions. And the question you need to ask yourself is how will this impact your daily operations?

The expectations and needs of employees are already disrupting work practices. You can see it on LinkedIn or in some of the articles published in Forbes or the Harvard Business Review. The newly minted workforce of up and coming professionals are challenging the status quo. Many of the rigid processes in areas like finance and master data that currently exist are being questioned, and many of them no longer effectively meet the needs of businesses.

Successful organizations need to actively look for technology and solutions that will help them thrive in this new and exciting digital age.

What does digital mean?

At a recent event hosted by Winshuttle partner CTAC Belgium and Soudal, a global leader in sealants, foams & adhesives in over 100 countries,  I had the opportunity to elevate the discussion of digital and what it means for master records and master data. During a discussion, the fact that we rarely exchange information via paper, especially with our business partners, became very apparent.

But that doesn’t mean paper no longer has a place. It just means paper is not the primary medium for exchanging data, and that’s pervasive. A lot of data comes into the organization via Excel attachments. And that’s digital right?! Digital also means everything executes much faster. Cycle times are reduced, and information is distributed and available to multiple parties almost instantly.

This growth in transparency means investors and capital markets want insight more quickly, and use it to benchmark performance between companies. This means there can’t be any hiccups in the transactional data management process, and master records and master data have to be in excellent condition. Companies embracing this new order of things are leaning on Winshuttle to establish and maintain best-in-class SAP application data management.

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