Five ways to accelerate your financial accounting automation journey

By on Oct 15, 2019

While many SAP financial processes are ripe for automation, Winshuttle customers tell us that tackling these 5 improvement priorities enabled them to get some quick wins, prove ROI, and secure funding to continue their automation journey:

  1. Speeding up general ledger entries
  2. Reducing invoicing traffic jams
  3. Improving Master Data accuracy
  4. Improving compliance across key business processes
  5. Spending less time preparing for audits

The question is, how do you make headway on automation when your IT teams have a huge backlog of requests? The good news is that Winshuttle software doesn’t require specialized SAP programming skills, so SAP super users or analysts from your finance teams can build automation solutions with a Winshuttle-enabled Excel workbook or web form, to get the job done faster and with greater accuracy.

The table below shows the average time saved by Winshuttle customers for common financial accounting transactions versus manually entering the data via the SAP GUI. Since 2003, Winshuttle has helped thousands of companies automate their SAP processes and free up staff to work higher-value tasks.

SAP T-code Process Time saved
FB50 Enter G/L Account Document 96%
FB01 Post Document: Header Data 92%
FV50 Park G/L Account Document 94%
F-02 Enter G/L Account Posting: Header Data 93%
FB60 Enter Vendor Invoice 96%
FV70 Enter Customer Invoice 92%
XK01/02 Create/Change Vendor 95%/77%
XD01/02 Create/Change Customer 94%/78%
FB75 Enter Customer Credit Memo 88%
AS01 Create Asset 89%

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can use automation to make a big impact on your accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger accounting processes, read the full ebook, “Five Ways to Accelerate Your Financial Accounting Automation Journey.” We hope it gives you valuable information you can use to streamline manual processes, improve data accuracy and compliance, while improving morale and giving your professional staff time back to perform higher-value work.

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