Formula 1 and Your SAP System’s Fast Track to Success

By Winshuttle Staff Blogger on May 21, 2015

As drivers from around the world arrive into their grid positions on the Formula One track, the same thought creeps into each of their minds: “WIN.” Patrons have witnessed some phenomenal moments since that first world race inception in 1950. We’ve watched races that created rivalries and elevated iconic drivers. Driving styles and techniques that fueled a win, or spiraled a loss. Did you celebrate when Lewis Hamilton broke several records, becoming the youngest winner in 2008, or gasp when Nigel Mansell’s rear tire exploded in 1986, ending his 5 time winning streak, and hopes of taking home a championship? formula 1

Today, there are many variables that go into preparing and creating a winning Formula 1 car. Being first across that finish line requires more than perfect aerodynamics and good driving; Today, Formula 1 racing is also fueled by data. 150 sensors monitor the car and drivers’ performance around the track. Engine performance, tire health, and brake wear data is continuously collected and evaluated. In a single race, a Formula 1 team can collect up to 3 TB of data, which must be processed and analyzed in seconds to be able to make critical decisions at every turn, of every lap, of every race.

In the same way, the sophisticated SAP landscape in most successful companies is also a high pressure environment, demanding extra care and maintenance to ensure high performance and run a winning system.



Lean Data Management Approach

SAP is a sophisticated, high performance ERP system that needs special care and nurturing to ensure you’re winning the race, not spinning your wheels. The winning formula is a lean data management approach, driving down waste, improving data quality and cycle times. Accurate data enables companies to make faster, more informed decisions. Click the image below to view the full Lean Data Management Infographic to see how the most powerful brands in the world are getting a competitive advantage with Winshuttle in their pit crew.



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